Bill Murray is St. Vincent – Movie Scene

The BoxTrolls Directors Anthony Stacchi & Graham Annable

Take a look inside the world of Stop Animation! Leo Quinones interviews The BoxTrolls Directors, Anthony Stacchi & Graham Annable.  Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview

Dinosaur 13 Director Todd Miller

Leo Quinones talks to Director Todd Miller about the searing documentary, Dinosaur 13.

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Robin Williams, My Favorite Interview

There was a secret to interviewing Robin Williams: Just get the hell out the way.  RIP Robin. I hope you enjoy watching this interview as I had doing it. Caution: Explicit Language


Matt Walsh stars at Pete Moore in, “Into The Storm.” He’s the guy trying to pierce the eye of the storm. Matt talks with Leo Quinones about getting dumped on by Hollwood specials effects & mother nature. Follow Matt Walsh on Twitter @MrMattWalsh & Leo Quinones @MovieInterview

Hell’s Kitchen After Show: The Final Four!!

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4 Chefs compete & Gordon’s cutting the playing field in half!! What? Nedra Harris for HK 11 adds insider insight to the quest for $250,000!  Follow Nedra on Twitter @NedraHK11 & Leo Quinones @MovieInterview for more Hell’s Kitchen After Shows go to

Co-Writer Guardians of the Galaxy – Nicole Perlman Interview

Nicole Perlman co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy gives up details about Marvel’s latest cinematic feature. Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters August 1st.  Follow Nicole Perlman on Twitter @UnCannyGirl, follow Leo Quinones @MovieInterview

Hell’s Kitchen After Show w/ Joy Parham-Thomas

5 chefs remain!!!  The only way to describe this episode of Hell’s Kitchen is EXPLOSIVE!  Joy stormed out mid-service!! Everyone wants to know, what was she thinking?!  The # 1 Hell’s Kitchen After Show knows!!  Leo Quinones gets the first exclusive interview with Joy, post elimination!

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Hell’s Kitchen AfterBuzz After Show w/ Season 3 Champion Rock Harper

It’s down to the final 6. What better way to figure out contestant strategy than to go to an insider who’s been there!  Rock Harper, Hell’s Kitchen Season 3 Champion, discusses & dissects what’s going on in the competition & who he thinks will walk away with $250,000. For more Hell’s Kitchen After Shows go to Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview and Rock @Chef_Harper.

Hell’s Kitchen After Show w/ Scott Commings

Ready to take a trip inside Hell’s Kitchen? Of course you are.  The World’s # 1 Hell’s Kitchen After Show brings you another exclusive HK insider.  Contestant, Scott Commings talks about earning his Black Jacket & getting right up in Gordon’s face!  For more After Shows, head to Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview and follow Chef Scott Commings @Fork2Mouth.