Andy Summers Podcast

Andy Summers is the legendary guitarist for The Police. His new documentary,  Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police is a rare chance to go inside the intense musical trio & take away a very interesting point of view.  Enjoy the interview. Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview and Instagram @TheMovieInterview, Follow Andy @asummersmusic & Follow The Popcorn Talk Network @ThePopcornTalk

Andy Summers

Frank Whaley Interview

Frank Whaley. He’s one of those actors who you’ve seen in so many good films. JFK, The Doors, Pulp Fiction & of course, my all-time favorite, “Field of Dreams.”  The last this Frank’s doing is resting on his laurels.  He keeps busy writing and directing independent films.  His latest, out April 21st is called, “Like Sunday, Like Rain.” Reviews have been fantastic.

“Like Sunday, Like Rain” stars Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong & newcomber, Julian Shatkin as Reggie. It’s a really sweet little film. 

Of course, I had the pleasure of asking Frank about his first-hand experiences being in so many cool films. The Film Freak Movie Interview, where film makers come to talk about making movies.

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808 Documentray Interview – Alex Noyer

What do Phil Collins, LL Cool J, Genesis, The Beastie Boys, New Order, Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis all have in common? Besides being huge influences on the music of 80 & the 90′s, there’s one thing that binds them all together: The 808 Drum Machine.  The biggest hits came from the smallest box.  808 is a documentary packed with huge musical stars like Phil Collins, producer Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams and The Beastie Boys. It’s the origin story of were these amazing hits.  I spoke with producer Alex Noyer from SXSW.

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Check out the trailer to 808


An Honest Liar Interview

James The Amazing Randi is just that-AMAZING! 86 years young, James The Amazing Randi was & is an younger version of the mysterious Harry Houdini. I mean that as a complete compliment. This man has spent many years of his life tearing down deceivers, hoax experts, bogus seances & false prophets. This interesting documentary also uncovers a secret Randi chose to keep buried for 81 years. Find out all his secrets! Enjoy this interview.

An Honest Liar is playing in select theaters.

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Watch the trailer for An Honest Liar

VIDEO: Weekend Movie Update CT Style

What’s out there to see at the movies this weekend?  I’ve got you covered with (3) major releases: Cinderella (with a special chilly treat before the film), Run all Night & It Follows.  Thanks to everyone in Connecticut for watching CT Style. Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview and Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Weekend Movie Update CT Style

Adam Carolla Podcast – Audio Only

Adam Carolla talks about his new comedy, ROAD HARD.  It’s in select theaters, VOD and www.roadhardmovie.con. The is the Film Freak Movie Interview. Enjoy!

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FREE Advance Screening of Cinderella!

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Cinderella Opens in Theaters Friday, March 13th.  Follow on Twitter @Fandango @CinderellaMovie @MovieInterview & Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Here’s a glimpse of Cinderella dancing the light fantastic! See you at the movies,


VIDEO: Adam Carolla Interview

In-Studio with Adam Carolla talking about his new indie film, “Road Hard.”  Ace is a master storyteller & simply hilarious. This is what The Film Freak Movie Interview is all about. Enjoy!

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Check out the trailer to Road Hard