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Film Freak Movie Review Rango Rambles On In Hilarious Romp.

Make no mistake, “Rango” will 100% rope in an Oscar Nomination for Best Animated Feature in 2012.  It’s a lock.  “Rango” tells the story of desert varmints in need one thing for a better life…..water.  The animation is simply staggering against the backdrop of numerous classic Westerns.  The voice cast includes Johnny Depp, Ned Beatty, Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina, Abagail Breslin & Isla Fisher whose character’s name is Beans.  The Aussie actress says her secret to getting the voice just right was combining a bit of Clint Eastwood with a twang of Holly Hunter.  She did a fantastic job.  As did Johnny Depp.  Rango’s Ramblings are classic.

The movie drops a number of sophisticated jokes that will catapult straight over kids’ heads.  I like that.  It reminded me of  old Saturday morning Looney Tunes cartoons. There’s tons of adult humor woven into the material while the kids are still entertained.  This is such a clever effort.  You can see so many intricate layers within the animated frames, be it tumbleweeds, iconic gunfights, windblown sand, complex lighting, shading & overall attention to detail.

Go see it for yourself.   This movie is a terrific bang for your movie dollar.  Special shout out to director Gore Verbinski for fighting & insisting that “Rango” be released in regular 2D.   After seeing “Drive Angry” 3D, I’m just so burnt out on 3D.  It’s just too expensive & they are released to the public every weekend with or without reason.  Hollywood is always about the cash so thumbs up to Verbinski for standing his 2D ground.

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