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Source Code Film Freak Movie Review + 1st 5 Minutes

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is on a mission, only he doesn’t even know it.  He awakens on a morning train commute & quickly discovers he’s taken over another man’s body.  Why is he here? Who are these people?  What the heck is-BOOOOOOM!!! Lights out.  Train explodes.  It’s a tough eight minutes & that’s the essence of  “Source Code.”  It’s a top secret military program allowing soldiers to inhabit a person’s brain & relive the last 8 minutes of their life.

Captain Stevens gets his briefing from his knockout military liasion, Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga).  Now the mission is brutal but clear:  Locate the bomber to prevent further terrorist attacks.  It really is like Groundhog Day, only it’s intensely  Sci-Fi with zero humor.

With every 8-minute failure, Stevens gets closer & closer to preventing this tragedy.  Along for the ride is, (Christina Warren) Michelle Monaghan.  The flirtations become more informative, eight minutes at a time.  But hey, in a parallel reality anything’s possible right?  No spoilers here.

Director Duncan Jones is sure to leave an abundance of clues.  If you’d like to figure it all out, all you have to do is watch seemingly random shots ordinary objects & normal passengers.  There’s mostly information with little disinformation to throw us off track.

In an effort to re-create a different explosion experience on film every time, the special effects grew more & more fake. This type of time-travel film has a polarizing effect on the audience.  I loved “Groundhog Day,” but I could watch Bill Murray be funny all day, that’s just me.  As for “Source Code,” it just seemed like 8-minutes of film spread out & regurgitated over 2 hours.  Not all of  it was nail-biting, there was a lot of looking at my watch thinking one thing: After this is over, should I pick up Chinese take out or pizza?

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