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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Film Freak Movie Review

Morgan Spurlock has tapped into the fascinating subject of product placement in movies.  I’m always looking for a familiar brand of car, or a food chain or what brand name watch 007 happens to be wearing.  “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” doesn’t just dive in, it bellyflops into this world.  The cool thing here is, filmmakers really don’t want you to know too much about this hush hush revenue stream.  The premise here:  To create a movie solely based on advertising & marketing partnerships.

Spurlock turns out to be quite the sales hound.  In a rough economy, he roped in over 20 major sponsorships.  You’re walking into an infomercial & that’s exactly what Morgan Spurlock is promising.  The movie even contains (3) separate commercials.  I guarantee after seeing this movie, if you never noticed ads flung in your face, you’ll notice them now. Man, writing this up has made me thirsty.  I could sure go for some POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice.

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