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Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review

Jack Black returns for another animated adventure as the Kung Fu Panda, Po.  This time around, Po needs to discover much about himself & who he really is.  Questions arise.  Where does Po comes from? Who are his parents? What ignites the unknown fear within himself?  How do you go about achieving life’s inner peace?  What’s Po’s destiny? Pretty heady stuff for kids, but that’s what I love about this film.

Themes woven into the fabric of the story are incredible learning tools for young people.   Even the youngest of kids benefit from seeing Po do things like facing his fears head on, or overcoming amazingly tough obstacles & sticking with your buddy no matter what happens.

Po goes head-to-head with an evil peacock named Shen, who’s driven to take over all of China.  Shen holds the key that may very well unlock the  secret to Po’s mysterious childhood.  No spoilers here.  The animation is excellent, giving Pixar a run for their money.  There are also varying types of animation styles within the film that prove to be very effective & adds wonderful layers of texture. The 3D stuff works fine, but if you’re paying for a large group, you’ll save money going 2D.  It’s every bit as good.

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Kung Fu Panda 2, what a great movie.

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