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The Hangover 2 Movie Review

Sometimes when you drink too much, you see double.   Seeing The Hangover 2 sober was my problem.  I wasn’t drunk, yet I was seeing double, as in the same movie twice.  This stings to write.  I, like millions of others, really love “The Hangover.”  It was clever, raunchy, funny & unpredictable.

Even though the scenario I’m about to present isn’t based in fact, it’s just a hunch, so humor me.  The original Hangover exploded 2 years ago.  Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms & Zach Galifianakis were up & comers.  Studio heads love money.  The box office tally only offered one option: Make a sequel as fast as you can.  I highly doubt The hangover was envisioned as a trilogy. I get tired of hearing that phrase.  I truly believe, director Todd Phillips was so wrapped up in the first movie, he didn’t look to the future.  He made the friggin’ best comedy in years!  Stu, Alan & Phil are The Wolfpack.  So when the suits came knocking for another night of binging with the boys on film, again this is my opinion, they had nothing.

That’s why we now have The Hangover 2.  Greed makes Hollywood crank out sequels before they’re ripe.  Instead of giving it a year to develop a decent story, they pronounce a release date, many times before a script has even been finalized.  I would’ve gladly waited a year or two to gain simple elements like surprise, unpredictability & most of all humor.

I went to see The Hangover 2 at a midnight screening sold out with Wolfpackers!  The energy was there.  The laughs were there, kinda sorta.  I, myself had a few chuckles.  The storyline so closely mirrored the original.  I’m surprised that writer/director Todd Phillips would make this movie.  I can’t believe the actors were pumped about the sequels’ script.  Hey, for $5 million dollars each, I’d probably give Todd a huge thumbs up, a wink & a big smile saying, this is the greatest comedic script in decades.  How did you make it so fresh?  Oh yeah, when do we start filming?

The Hangover 2 will make money. But this is the exact type of film that gives sequels a bad name.  Maybe, if I get really drunk & see it again, I won’t mind seeing double.  It may even ease the pain of paying $12 bucks for a 1/2 ass effort.

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Film Freak Trivia Fact: In France, the title of “The Hangover 2” is “The Very Bad Trip 2.”

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