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The Thing Movie Review

I can barely remember John Carpenter’s 1982 version of, “The Thing,”  which is the exact reason why it’s being remade in 2011.  This time, the studio is going after young customers.  It’s no secret:  Teenage males drive box office sales!  “The Thing” is tailor-made for a new generation ready for a good scare.   All the usual suspects are here.

Close your eyes & you’ll hear the high-pitched squealing from, “Alien.”  There’s a ton of “Alien” here.  Remember, the company man who only wants to contain & monetize the specimen at all costs, even human life?   What’s most obvious is seeing Kate Lloyd, (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) take on the female heroine persona ala Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley. It’s all there right down to the flame thrower.

So if you take away the baggage of seeing  the other two versions of, “The Thing,” as  if they never existed, odds are you’d have a heckuva good time at the movies.  Again, that’s for first timers.  As for me, there’s nothing new to report here.  I’ve seen this movie already.  “The Thing” is rated R for bloody, Sci-Fi images.

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