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3 Musketeers Movie Review

Alexandre Dumas’ “The 3 Musketeers” has been around for ages.  Films of this famed trio dates all the way back to 1939.  The most recent incarnation was 18 years ago with Charlie Sheen as one of the musketeers.  Swashbuckling! Winning! 2011 gets its brand new musketeer makeover.  The cast includes, D’Artagnon (Logan Lerman),  Athos (Luke Evans), Aramis (Matthew MacFayden) & Porthos (Ray Stevens).   Also along for the ride is Cardinal Richilieu (Christoph Waltz), Milady de Winter (Milla Jovivich) & finally the Duke of Buckingham, (Orlando Bloom).  The question: Did Bloom ‘defect’ the Pirates franchise or was he written out?  Either way, he’s back to get his sword-fighting ya-yas out again.

Let’s be clear folks.  This isn’t Oscar worthy material.  I will say, this type of movie had to be the kind of movie you’d go see on any Saturday afternoon anywhere from 50 to 75 years ago.  Pure adventure & the wondermint of film.  That’s what I thought about.  Ease up on the artsy-fartsy angle critics.   Yeah, the acting was just OK, yeah I can see the computer generated imagery in the background, yeah the dialogue speech accents are all over the place,  except France, where the story takes place.  I’m willing to overlook these things. Why? The bigger picture.

There was also cleverness in the form of aquatic assassins, hidden traps & passages ALA Indiana Jones, wonderful props, swords, weapons like grappling guns, detailed costumes & excellent production value.  There were cool ideas there.  I try to point out the good things as much as possible.  The crowd I saw the movie with, were all having a good time.  That’s key.

I’m pretty sure the studio is going after a much younger crowd.  This movie borrows heavily from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” & even “The Princess Bride.” (I counted at least four subtle & not so subtle references to one of my all time faves! All except the priest saying Mah-wage).  There’s a serious market for young, active moviegoers.  I think kids anywhere from 8 to 18 will really enjoy this adventure.

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