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Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Review

“Paranormal Activity” is the new “Saw.”  The third haunting is a prequel.  It’s  September 1988. It is the golden age of VHS recordings.  These recordings show just how two young girls are terrorized by demons hiding under their covers.  The pace is slow, but that’s intentional.  The film making is minimalist to say the least.  No score. Subtle special effects.

If you’ve seen the first two, you’re in for a couple of pretty good scares.  I really don’t see too many people jumping in now without seeing the first two.  In defense of this film, it is a stand alone & you’ll be up to speed.  For me, I could feel myself tightening up as the suspense was building.  I got a little jumpy.  In the moment, I do get freaked. I’ve always been that way. But when the movie’s over, I jump in my car & forget about it.  No lingering nightmares.  That’s how I gauge these films, does the Freak-Out-Factor when you’re trying to sleep kick into play?  I was fine.

I imagine, we’ll be right back here next year talking about # 4.  Why is that? If audiences keep shelling out over 60 million bucks to see these films, rest assured, Hollywood will keep servin’ them up!

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