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Reggie Benjamin #MissionSaveHer Save Our Girls

Good people are sometimes hard to find.  Then there’s Reggie Benjamin has been named one of India’s Sexiest Men Alive.  Don’t let his good looks fool you. Reggie’s goodness comes from the inside.  He’s taken on a massive undertaking. Every 3 minutes, a young girl in India gets kidnapped, gang-raped & mutilated. Reggie put his celebrity where it belongs: making a change for the better.  I sat down with Reggie on KFWB The Beast 980, Los Angeles in an effort to raise awareness for the human rights campaign, Mission Save Her.  If you want to make a difference make a donation to www.missionsaveher.com. There’s also a song Reggie wrote with his music partner Eric Benet and it’s simply called, “Save Her.”  You can watch the video here.  Follow the cause @MissionSaveHer on Twitter, also @reggiebenjamin @ebenet. Also, follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview & Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Special thanks to the Peter W. Busch Foundation

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are bringing their magical scalpels to #SaveHer.  Here’s just one, Dr. Joe Hadeed. What an amazing man.  Check out the video here.

Mission Save Her’s Dr. Joe Hadeed – Please Save Our Girls!!

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