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Batman vs Superman & Suicide Squad Panel Comic Con 2015

Suicide Squad is coming!

Balls Out Movie Interview

The Film Freak Movie Interview welcomes Nick Koacher & Brian McLhaney, the stars of Balls Out!  It’s a pretty damn hilarious parody of sports movies.


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That Which I Love Destroys Me – FREE Movie Download

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What better way to celebrate Memorial Day, than a FREE documentary called, That Which I Love Destroys Me.  It’s a searing documentary about our brave Vets re-integrating into a normal life back home.  Unfortunately, too many of our Vets are suffering & losing stressful battles with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now through Memorial Day, you can download the film, directed by Ric Roman Waugh, for FREE please share this link with everyone!!

Awareness is key & if you really want to help our Vets, gain the knowledge & watch/share this film. What a nice Memorial Day thought: if everyone sent this link to 10 friends–that’s what it’s all about. WATCH the movie by following this link, http://www.takepart.com/return-the-service/twildm.  For more info on how to get involved or donate, head over to www.justiceforvets.org



Michael Jai White

Avengers Age of Ultron Podcast Special

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jai White Interview

Michael Jai White calls into the show.  He’s now starring in Skin Trade which also stars Dolph Lundgren & Tony Jaa.  As you’ll discover, Michael always likes to keep his audience guessing.  You’ll also see him soon, alot of him, in Chocolate City.  Follow on Twitter @MovieInterview @MichaelJaiWhite @ThePopcornTalk on Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Hell’s Kitchen Aftershow w/ Christine Hazel

Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 heats up!  Contestant Christine Hazel talks to me about the intensity, competing, learning from Gordon Ramsay & ultimately being eliminated from the competition. Please share this with any Hell’s Kitchen fans! Follow on Twitter @MovieInterview @ChristineHaze10 @AfterbuzzTV @ThePopcornTalk


Oscar Isaac Interview

Oscar Isaac is rapidly building a body of work that’s sheer quality. His new film, Ex Machina is destined to be a Science Fiction Classic.  He’s also criss-crossing galaxies in the next three Star Wars films as X-Wing fighter pilot, Poe Dameron.  In this interview, Oscar breaks down what inspires his character choices. I also asked about his rising stardom & of course, Star Wars.

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UNFRIENDED interview w/ Laura Barns AKA Heather Sossaman

UNFRIENDED is the first horror film made with Millennials in mind.  It’s actually very clever & a fun popcorn-horror flick.   It clocks in at a mere 82-minutes, but still packs a cyber-punch.  The Story: On the 1-year anniversary for Laura Barns’ suicide, something’s not right in a Skype chatroom.  Hacker? Virus? Trojan Horse?  Ghost.  It’s all there.  I sat down with Heather Sossaman, the actress who plays the character of Laura Barns. In the film, Laura gets cyber-bullied & takes here own life.  It all takes place online & it’s pretty freaky.  You’ll learn things like: What effect does a horror film have on a working actress? What’s the worst thing to ever POP out during an audition?

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The Road Within Q & A from The Los Angeles Film School – Audio Podcast

The Road Within takes you off the beaten path, way off. This coming-of-age film finds three people intertwined in each others personal space. Zoe Kravitz plays Marie, she’s battling an eating disorder. Dev Patel plays Alex, he’s dealing with OCD big time. Finally you’ve got newcomer, Robert Sheehan playing Vincent, who’s a young man afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome. To me, The Road Within is a film about understanding one’s self & the people closest to you. I really enjoyed it.

I had the pleasure of screening The Road Within at The Los Angeles Film School. LA Film School students were thrilled to pick the brains of a very talented panel which consisted of (Producer) Brent Emery, (Producer) Michael Helfant, (Editor) Terel Gibson, (Location Manager) Jason Madison,  (Production Designer) Nanci Roberts + a last minute addition, writer/director Gren Wells. You can find more about The Road Within on Twitter @TheRoadWithin and Instagram @theroadwithinmovie – Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/theroadwithin?fref=ts

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The Road Within is now in select theaters & also available for download on iTunes, on digital & VOD

Watch The Road Within Trailer here

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