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UNFRIENDED Laura Barns Interview w/ Actress Heather Sossaman

UNFRIENDED is the first horror film made with Millennials in mind.  It’s actually very clever & a fun popcorn-horror flick.   It clocks in at a mere 82-minutes, but still packs a cyber-punch.  The Story: On the 1-year anniversary for Laura Barns’ suicide, something’s not right in a Skype chatroom.  Hacker? Virus? Trojan Horse?  Ghost.  It’s all there.  I sat down with Heather Sossaman, the actress who plays the character of Laura Barns. In the film, Laura gets cyber-bullied & takes here own life.  It all takes place online & it’s pretty freaky.  You’ll learn things like: What effect does a horror film have on a working actress? What’s the worst thing to ever POP out during an audition?

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Here’s a partial clip of WHY Laura Barns got cyber bullied. (NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Reggie Benjamin #MissionSaveHer Save Our Girls

Good people are sometimes hard to find.  Then there’s Reggie Benjamin has been named one of India’s Sexiest Men Alive.  Don’t let his good looks fool you. Reggie’s goodness comes from the inside.  He’s taken on a massive undertaking. Every 3 minutes, a young girl in India gets kidnapped, gang-raped & mutilated. Reggie put his celebrity where it belongs: making a change for the better.  I sat down with Reggie on KFWB The Beast 980, Los Angeles in an effort to raise awareness for the human rights campaign, Mission Save Her.  If you want to make a difference make a donation to www.missionsaveher.com. There’s also a song Reggie wrote with his music partner Eric Benet and it’s simply called, “Save Her.”  You can watch the video here.  Follow the cause @MissionSaveHer on Twitter, also @reggiebenjamin @ebenet. Also, follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview & Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Special thanks to the Peter W. Busch Foundation

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are bringing their magical scalpels to #SaveHer.  Here’s just one, Dr. Joe Hadeed. What an amazing man.  Check out the video here.

Mission Save Her’s Dr. Joe Hadeed – Please Save Our Girls!!

Detroit Rock City Blu Ray Interview w/ Adam Rifkin

Adam Rifkin is awesome. That’s really the only word I can think of when I describe him. He just might be my all-time favorite regular on the show. He’s funny & is a fantastic sport! Here’s the UNCENSORED audio podcast. Also on the show, Detroit Rock City Associate Producer & fellow KISS Freak, Tim Sullivan.

No wonder why it’s my favorite movie talk show. Classic Rock producing by Juan Calvillo. Follow Juan on Twitter @JuanAKADonJuan follow Adam Rifkin @AdamRifkin & me, Leo Quinones @MovieInterview on Instagram too @TheMovieInterview

You can also watch the interview right here on @ThePopcornTalk

Hell’s Kitchen Aftershow Brendan Pelley Exit Interview

Brendan Pelley is the latest contestant booted out of Hell’s Kitchen Season 14. I chatted with Brendan about life inside the dorms, Milly’s breakdown & what it’s like being sacked by Gordon Ramsay.  Follow Hell’s Kitchen on Twitter @HellsKitchenFOX, Follow me @MovieInterview and on Instagram @TheMovieInterview also follow @AfterbuzzTV

Detroit Rock City Blu-ray Interview w/ Adam Rifkin

Director Adam Rifkin: My favorite In-Studio guest.  He’s gotta a voice built for radio. It’s so very ballsy.  In this episode of The Film Freak Movie Interview, we delve into Rock Movie History.  There’s a brand new Detroit Rock City Blu-ray release.  You’ll also hear from DRC Associate Producer, Tim Sullivan. (on the phone)  The KISS ARMY will learn things they’ve never heard before.  What a blast!


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Hell’s Kitchen AfterBuzz TV w/ Monique Booker

Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 contestant, Monique Booker AKA @Chef_MoBo throws down hard on the red team. Yeah, she breaks down what it’s like getting eliminated on national TV.


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Weekend Movie Update on CT Style

Great to be on CT Style in Connecticut talking about Woman In Gold & Furious 7.

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Andy Summers Interview

Andy Summers is the legendary guitarist for The Police. His new documentary,  Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police is a rare chance to go inside the intense musical trio & take away a very interesting point of view.  Enjoy the interview. Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview and Instagram @TheMovieInterview, Follow Andy @asummersmusic & Follow The Popcorn Talk Network @ThePopcornTalk

Andy Summers Audio Interview

Frank Whaley Interview

Frank Whaley. He’s one of those actors who you’ve seen in so many good films. JFK, The Doors, Pulp Fiction & of course, my all-time favorite, “Field of Dreams.”  The last this Frank’s doing is resting on his laurels.  He keeps busy writing and directing independent films.  His latest, out April 21st is called, “Like Sunday, Like Rain.” Reviews have been fantastic.

“Like Sunday, Like Rain” stars Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong & newcomber, Julian Shatkin as Reggie. It’s a really sweet little film. 

Of course, I had the pleasure of asking Frank about his first-hand experiences being in so many cool films. The Film Freak Movie Interview, where film makers come to talk about making movies.

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