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Deadpool Update

Jason Aron – Back In Time – Director

Jason Aron may be young, but he’s old enough to know Back to The Future!  Take a trip back through Mill Valley.  Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview


Todd Strauss-Schulson Director

Todd Strauss – Schulson directed a plenty cool film. The Final Girls which is wicked funny & checks in with a PG-13 rating.  Todd & Leo chat about how the film was made. Follow Leo on Twitter @MovieInterview

John Heder Interview Walt Before Mickey

Exclusive:  Jon Heder takes on the role of Walt Disney’s brother, Roy Disney in “Walt Before Mickey.”

Despicable Me Writers Cinco Paul and Ken Dario Interview

Despicable Me writers, Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio call in to talk about their upcoming film festival, “The Greatest Movies Ever Written.’  It’s happing Setember 25th & 26th in Agoura Hills California.

To purchase passes to “The Greatest Movies Ever Written,” go to www.91301.org
Presented by Agoura Hills Cultural Arts Council
Opens Friday September 2th at 6:00pm
Agoura Hills Regency Theatre Stadium 8, Agoura Hills – Phone: (818) 597-7361
As part of a program series that celebrates the arts, the Agoura Hills Cultural Arts Council is presenting a 2-day film festival, Cinco and Ken’s “The Greatest Movies Ever Written!” at the Regency in Agoura Hills. Led by the blockbuster screenwriting team of Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, who co-wrote Despicable Me Despicable Me 2 & are currently writing, Despicable Me 3. This festival places the spotlight on screenwriters. “Screenwriters are the unheard voice of the movie industry,” said Cinco Paul. “Yet the screenplay is the most important factor in whether or not a movie is great. We’ll be giving screenwriters their due. There’s not a single festival out there that I know of that focuses solely on screenwriters.” Cinco and Ken have selected their favorite films worthy of being watched multiple times because they ALL started with a wonderful screenplay. The movies’ screenwriters will join them for Q&A panels accompanying each screening to discuss the process of writing the movie, the choices made and how different the first drafts can be from the filmed version. “The Greatest Movie Ever Written!” happens Friday, September 25th and Saturday 26th. Program highlights include a VIP opening reception on Friday evening followed by all-day Saturday screenings. Friday at 6:00pm VIP reception featuring “Parenthood” with screenwriter, Lowell Ganz. Saturday at 11am, “Despicable Me” with screenwriters Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, 2pm the cult horror favorite, “Tremors” with screenwriters Brent Maddock & S.S. Wilson and finally, 6pm Caroline Thompson will be coming to talk about Tim Burton’s cult classic, “Edward Scissorhands.”

Michelle Gracie UNSULLIED Interview

EXCLUSIVE: Producer/Actor Michelle Gracie stops by to talk about UNSULLIED. It’s a true story about a woman who gets abducted & held prisoner in the south.  The best word I can use to describe this film is RESILIENCE. UNSULLIED is in select theaters now.

No Escape Lake Bell Interview – EXCLUSIVE

Lake Bell stars opposite Owen Wilson in No Escape.  Forget what movie critics say, they’re nuts.  Gripping is the word that best describes this film.


Camille Balsamo Harbinger Down Audio Podcast

Harbinger Down is a horror film throwback to the 80’s. The visual effects are all practical. Actress Camille Balsamo stops by in-studio.
Harbinger Down is available for download on iTunes, Amazon & get all the information you need at www.harbingerdown.com

Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview, Camille @CamilleBalsamo & @HarbingerDown

Michael Jai White

Avengers Age of Ultron Podcast Special

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