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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Walsh Interview

Matt Walsh is killing it in his 3rd season of HBO’s Hit Comedy Series, VEEP.  How many insanely cool movies has Matt appeared in? How about “Old School,” “Bad Santa,” “The Hangover,” & “Ted” to name a few.  Promoting VEEP, Matt talked about his acting process, working on great films & mostly how to have fun on the job.  What a great guy. I had a blast.


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Sara Paxton INTERVIEW Cheap Thrills

You’ve heard of the game, ‘Truth or Dare.’ Cheap Thrills is more like playing ‘Dare or Dare.’  One nights gets absolutely crazy!! Sara Paxton describes her character, Violet & how her point of view drives Cheap Thrills! Be Warned: This movie is not for the faint of heart.  Cheap Thrills is available VOD & is in select theaters now.

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David Koechner Cheap Thrills Interview

David Koechner is into ‘Cheap Thrills.’  The versatile actor stars as a big money douchebag along with his hot wife, Violet (Sara Paxton.) The instigating couple happens across two down-on-their-luck dudes, Craig (Pat Healy) & Vince (Ethan Embry). Taking place all in one night, the man & wife manipulators accelerate their agenda.  You’ve heard of playing ‘Truth or Dare,’ this more like a game of “Dare or Dare.” It’s non-stop until it goes to a very sinister level. This one is not for the squeamish.  Cheap Thrills is available now on VOD and will open in select theaters March 28th.  Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview or Instagram at @TheMovieInterview

EXCLUSIVE: Rio 2 Director Carlos Saldanha

Leo Quinones talks with Carlos Saldanha about smash, Rio 2. Blu & the gang fly into theaters April 11th, 2014.

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Interview w/ Justice For Vets Senior Director: Melissa Fitzgerald

What an honor to speak with Melissa Fitzgerald.  This talented actor/activist has taken on a new leadership role so she can give back to the veterans who’ve fought for our freedom.  Take a moment to learn about Justice For Vets.  Just go to http://www.justiceforvets.org/

Here’s what’s at stake.  Many soldiers have served multiple tours of duty in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and find when they come home, they face an unexpected, silent war: a daily struggle to fit back into a normal lifestyle or civilian life.

The statistics are angering & sad.  Every single day 22 of our brave veterans are committing suicide.  Many are self medicating with alcohol & drugs often to deal with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Time and again, this downward spiral leads to legal troubles.  And that’s where Justice For Vets comes in, to bring both honor and accountability to these Americans.  The structure provided in the growing number of Veteran Treatment Courts works to help rebuild the lives of our veterans as well as save taxpayer money.

Again, speaking with Melissa was a game changer. Please reach out to her via the Justice For Vets website for a much-needed donation.  The time is now to fight for the Americans who’ve fought for you! To make a donation or to get involved go to http://www.justiceforvets.org/


PODCAST: The Movie Interview: ‘LONE SURVIVOR’ Producer Randall Emmett

Producer Randall Emmett talks about how ‘Lone Survivor’ differs from his other 40+ films. You’ll also gain insight on how this amazing film was made. Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview or on Instagram @TheMovieInterview Southern California! Check out the best very best theaters, KRIKORIAN PREMIERE THEATERS.

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Steven Seagal

STEVEN SEAGAL stars in “Force of Execution” available now on Blu-ray/DVD.  Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview or Instagram @TheMovieInterview

Exclusive: FreeBirds Music Composer Dominic Lewis

Dominic Lewis created music for “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows,” “Freebirds,” “Rango” & “Wreck It Ralph.”  The guy’s got amazing musical chops!  He joins me in-studio to talk movies & music!  You can follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview & you can follow me visually on Instagram @TheMovieInterview

EXCLUSIVE: Gravity Music Composer: Steven Price

Meet the man behind the music of ‘Gravity,’ composer Steven Price.  Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview also on Instagram at TheMovieInterview.


EXCLUSIVE: The Counselor Music Composer Daniel Pemberton

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