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The Imitation Game delves into the fascinating story of Allen Turing. Producer Ido Ostrowsky talks about the intense dedication of actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview and Instagram @TheMovieInterview


Helen Estabrook talks about the phenomenal success of WHIPLASH, Miles Teller & the actor who brought the ruthless Terence Fletcher to life, JK Simmons. Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview or Instagram @TheMovieInterview


Antonio Sanchez talks with Leo Quinones about a creating “Dirty” musical score for Birdman. You can follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview & also on Instagram @TheMovieInterview.

Top 10 Movies 2014 – Leo Quinones – The Film Freak Movie Interview

OK, forget AFI & all the others. Leo Quinones throws down his annual Top 10 movies in 2014. They’re not in any specific order. @JuanAKADonJuan rides shotgun as we talk about 10 flicks that really stood out to Leo.
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The Theory of Everything Director – James Marsh

4 Golden Globe nominations poured in for The Theory of Everything.  I talked with director James Marsh about how he brought Jane & Stephen Hawking’s amazing lives to the big screen. Here’s a look behind the scenes of The Theory of Everything.

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Director Kevin Macdonald BLACK SEA Interview

Director Kevin Macdonald went to extraordinary lengths to create the submarine thriller, BLACK SEA, starring Jude Law.   Kevin goes into amazing detail about how he brought this underwater adventure to the screen. Black Sea opens in US theaters January 23, 2015.

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Leigh Whannell & Angus Sampson Interview Part 2

Leigh Whannel & Angus Sampson Interview

Leigh Whannel (SAW, Insidious) & Angus Sampson (Insidious) star in “The Mule.’ Inspired by true events, The Mule is about a guy who makes all the wrong choices.  The worst choice: Transporting balloons of heroin up his poop chute.  You won’t believe the outcome.  Hugo Weaving also stars.  It was great having Leigh & Angus in-studio. Just two normal dudes & me. What a blast.

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Ocsar winning composer Steven Price (Gravity) talks about creating haunting music for the World War II epic, “Fury.”



The Marvel Event 2014

The Marvel Event was a rockin’ time in the heart of Hollywood, California.  After Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced a 5-year cinematic footprint, he then sat down for a 20-minute Q & A talking about all things Marvel.  We have everything for you in its entirety on this podcast.  You’ll hear from Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman & Chris Evans.  We’d like to thank our Southern California sponsors, The Los Angeles Film School. YOU can apply online now at www.lafilm.edu, also The Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour featuring #TheBatmanExhibit, www.wbtour.com & Krikorian Premiere Theaters for tickets & showtimes visit www.KPTMovies.com.

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Thanks to Super Producer Juan Calvillo follow him on Twitter @JuanAKADonJuan