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2:13 DVD Review

LAPD criminal profiler, Russell Spivey (Mark Thompson) has the toughest job imaginable.  All too often, his duty takes him to humanties’ darkest places.  Spivey’s uncanny talent:  Assessing physical evidence from brutal murder crime scenes & creating viable theories as to why the perpetrator commits to such evil.

In terms of tone, “2:13” reminds me of  “Se7en,” “Anamorph” & “Manhunter.”  The chase for the killer(s) is on & it’s a very clever ride. This isn’t your typical, throw-together, low budget horror flick.  2:13 has many layers, textures & nuances. Many of which are so subtle, you’ll need a second viewing.

Technically, the sound design is excruciatingly detailed.  Whether it’s a menacing, pulsating & accelerating bass line or the simple familiar sound of pencil writing on a notepad.  It’s there & sound adds yet another layer.  In the end, the villain in the piece isn’t a Body Snatcher, an alien, a Terminator or even a Great White Shark. It’s the most feared villain of all, is the one who walks right by us in a crowd.

If you’re looking for a suspense thriller peppered with horror, terror & darkness, look no further than 2:13. It’s a well made film.  The solid cast includes Kevin Pollack, Teri Polo, Dwight Yoakam & Mark Pellegrino.  2:13 arrives on DVD Tuesday June 28th.  For more insights, photos & webisodes check out the official website at http://www.213themovie.com/ SPOILER ALERT ON A FEW WEBISODES!

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