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Oscar Isaac Interview

Oscar Isaac is rapidly building a body of work that’s sheer quality. His new film, Ex Machina is destined to be a Science Fiction Classic.  He’s also criss-crossing galaxies in the next three Star Wars films as X-Wing fighter pilot, Poe Dameron.  In this interview, Oscar breaks down what inspires his character choices. I also asked about his rising stardom & of course, Star Wars.

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Detroit Rock City Blu-ray Interview w/ Adam Rifkin

Director Adam Rifkin: My favorite In-Studio guest.  He’s gotta a voice built for radio. It’s so very ballsy.  In this episode of The Film Freak Movie Interview, we delve into Rock Movie History.  There’s a brand new Detroit Rock City Blu-ray release.  You’ll also hear from DRC Associate Producer, Tim Sullivan. (on the phone)  The KISS ARMY will learn things they’ve never heard before.  What a blast!


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Frank Whaley Interview

Frank Whaley. He’s one of those actors who you’ve seen in so many good films. JFK, The Doors, Pulp Fiction & of course, my all-time favorite, “Field of Dreams.”  The last this Frank’s doing is resting on his laurels.  He keeps busy writing and directing independent films.  His latest, out April 21st is called, “Like Sunday, Like Rain.” Reviews have been fantastic.

“Like Sunday, Like Rain” stars Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong & newcomber, Julian Shatkin as Reggie. It’s a really sweet little film. 

Of course, I had the pleasure of asking Frank about his first-hand experiences being in so many cool films. The Film Freak Movie Interview, where film makers come to talk about making movies.

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Big Hero 6 Directors

Oscar Watch 2015. Bast Animated Feature Nominee – BIG HERO 6

What a blast!  If you want to journey inside the making of Big Hero 6, look no further.  In this episode of The Film Freak Movie Interview, Leo Quinones sits down with Directors DON HALL & CHRIS WILLIAMS. Also adding tremendous insight is Producer ROY CONLI.

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NEW FEATURETTE: ’12 Years A Slave’ Script To Screen

’12 Years A Slave’ takes us back to 1841, a time of insanity in our nation’s history. This should be required viewing. If it makes you feel nauseated, that’s the whole point.  Solomon Northup’s book finally gets the feature film treatment it deserves.  You can follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview or Instagram @TheMovieInterview Southern California! Check out the best very best theaters, KRIKORIAN PREMIERE THEATERS.

RED BAND TRAILER: BAD WORDS Directed by & Starring Jason Bateman

“BAD WORDS” Red Band Trailer is disgusting & offends to no end.  The callus remarks made in this movie trailer make us all sit back & wonder, ‘When did we as a society become so disgusting?’  It comes out in theaters March 14th.  I, for one cannot wait. It’s got a real Bad Santa vibe.  All my friends know I love Bad Santa.  When it comes to really smart comedy, no one delivers a line better than Jason Bateman. It’s great to see him sitting in the director’s chair.  This should one very funny movie to watch out for in the new year.  Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview. Follow me on Instagram too @TheMovieInterview Southern California! Check out the best very best theaters, KRIKORIAN PREMIERE THEATERS.

Exclusive: JFK 50th OLIVER STONE Q & A

Two weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with 3-Time Oscar Winner, Oliver Stone. We talked about his 12-part documentary, “Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States. We also dove into his landmark film, “JFK.”  The Ultimate Collector’s JFK Blu-ray boxed set is available now. I hope you find out new things about Oliver’s thought process & approach to making this istoric film.  You can follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview. Also on Instagram @TheMovieInterview

The Movie Interview: EXCLUSIVE Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier Writer/Director Muscle Shoals

The must-see music documentary of 2013 is ‘Muscle Shoals.’ Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier has assembled the biggest names in music to testify about the magical aspects of recording music way down in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The beats will grab you right where there supposed to!  I loved this movie & you will too!  Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview.

EXCLUSIVE: The Movie Interview: Insidious Chapter 2 star Lin Shaye

The Movie Interview with Leo Quinones welcomes Lin Shaye, star of Insidious Chapter 2.  Follow Leo on Twitter @MovieInterview

The Movie Interview EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage talks The Frozen Ground

Nic Cage talks with Leo Quinones about going to ‘dark places’ to research the roles he plays.  The Frozen Ground is true story about a serial killer(John Cusack) & the sole witness who barely escaped his deadly grasp.  Plus, Nic talks about ‘Man of Steel’ & wearing the famed Superman costume. Follow Leo Quinones on Twitter @MovieInterview & Instagram at TheMovieInterview

The Frozen Ground interview with Nic Cage from Leo Quinones on Vimeo.

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