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Prom Film Freak Movie Review

For me, the bar for high school movies has been set to a very high standard.  Cameron Crowe gave us “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” & then there’s the architect of 80’s teen angst on film, the late great John Hughes.  I’m so partial.  Many of Hughes’ films represent my own coming of age.  But what about today’s iPod  generation of young people?  “Prom” might very well resonate for them & I hope it does.

This is your basic good-girl-meets-bad-boy-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks story.  Originating from a small town in Michigan, Aimee Teegarden is Nova, an overachiever hell bent on creating an unforgettable Starry Night Prom, for all the right reasons.  After an accident, the prom squad is forced to re-create ALL the decorations with a mere two weeks.

That’s when the school principal deals a fateful hand.  He cleverly creates a unique detention detail for slacker troublemaker, Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell).   The detention?  Ah yes, to begrudgingly assist goody-goody Nova in recreating ALL the decorations.  Sparks fly, emotions run hot, ice thaws & allowe a forbidden love to blossum.

Sound corny enough for you? Well it is.  It’s so corny, but I think kids anywhere between the ages of 10-19 are going to enjoy this movie.   It’s for them.  I can see young moviegoers liking the characters & having a good time.  Critics will trounce.  But at the end of the day, who really cares about movie critics?  Disney’s “Prom” is for high schoolers.  Cynical chaperones types should probably sit this one out.  Rated PG, not PG-13.  Very safe stuff here.

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