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Bad Teacher Movie Review

Everybody has jumped onto the Rated “R” raunchy comedy bandwagon.  I love “R” Rated comedies, but only when they’re funny.  “Bad Teacher” may have been a brilliant idea when it was pitched, but the script, story & execution were just not there.   The character Cameron Diaz plays really isn’t likable.   I mean who really wants to root for the ultimate Golddigger?   All she wants to is kick back, on her back & have her meal ticket spend lots of money on her.  The second banana, Lucy Punch was trying way too hard to be funny, but it really fell way short of laughter.

The students were basically in the background with no real part for any kid to stand out.  I’m racking my brain trying to find something good to say about this film.  Nah, nothing comes to mind.  This movie reminded me of those endless classes, waiting for this movie to end is much like waiting for the dreaded school bell to ring.  C’mon ring already!

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