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Top 10 Movies 2014 – Leo Quinones – The Film Freak Movie Interview

OK, forget AFI & all the others. Leo Quinones throws down his annual Top 10 movies in 2014. They’re not in any specific order. @JuanAKADonJuan rides shotgun as we talk about 10 flicks that really stood out to Leo.
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RED BAND TRAILER: BAD WORDS Directed by & Starring Jason Bateman

“BAD WORDS” Red Band Trailer is disgusting & offends to no end.  The callus remarks made in this movie trailer make us all sit back & wonder, ‘When did we as a society become so disgusting?’  It comes out in theaters March 14th.  I, for one cannot wait. It’s got a real Bad Santa vibe.  All my friends know I love Bad Santa.  When it comes to really smart comedy, no one delivers a line better than Jason Bateman. It’s great to see him sitting in the director’s chair.  This should one very funny movie to watch out for in the new year.  Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview. Follow me on Instagram too @TheMovieInterview Southern California! Check out the best very best theaters, KRIKORIAN PREMIERE THEATERS.

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