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The Film Freak Movie Talk Show 2.25.12

Leo Quinones talks #OSCARS! BILLY CRYSTALSACHA BARON COHEN #Predictions. REESE WITHERSPOON chats with Leo about shooting TOM HARDY square in the nuts with a paintball gun while filming, THIS MEANS WAR. Ouch! Watch it on www.VelvetRedTV.com Episode 2.18.12.

More #OSCARS as Leo interviews (2)  stars from “The Artist,” JAMES CROMWELL & PENELOPE ANN MILLER. #FILM FREAK Movie News, DIE HARD 5, 007 goes IMAX?!? JOHNNY DEPP – EDGAR WRIGHT announce an exciting new project!  Follow on Twitter @leoquinones

Here’s This Means War director, McG & star Tom Hardy showing they’re good sports by getting shot, point blank, in the ass(es) with paint guns.  CAUTION: THERE’S A COUPLE OF F-BOMBS.


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