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Good Things Happen to Good People!

I never met Stacie. But I found myself at Sonny McLean’s last night watching people donning “Team Stacie” T-Shirts. I was invited down to possibly MC a live auction & possibly help out with the giving away of a few raffle prizes. There was a little confusion on what I was supposed to do & what not. So I thought it better to just chill out & take it the fun. There were celeb bartenders like “24’s” SPRAGUE HAYDEN. She played the President’s betrayful daughter of as I call her on the show, “The 1st Bitch.” Also pouring was another “24” star, CARLOS BERNARD. he’s plays Tony Almeida, Jack Bauer’s best friend. No wonder why my girlfriend took 25 minutes to order a beer. She friggin’ loves that dude. Whatever, it was cool that he was there. D.B. Sweeney & Brian Austin Green were lending a hand pouring brews. Then things started picking up at Sonny’s in Santa Monica. Megan Fox got behind the bar & started bartending. How could she? There were so many cameras flashing, it was blinding. Good for her for helping out. The night catapulted to amazing when Johnny Rzenick of The Goo Goo Dolls was rumored to hit the stage. My fundraising instinct took over. My buddy Rob, a fantastic karaoke performer/entertainer was in the house. I suggested to raise $$$$ by telling the crowd, ‘If you want Johnny to sing, throw down cash. Man, the money was flying. OK, now I contributed in a small way. There were hundreds of dollars raised in the matter of moments. Johnny w/ his drummer Mike tore into a great upbeat version of their hit, “Slide.” The crowd went into hysterics. My hats off to the staff @ Sonny McCleans. Class all the way. Even though I’ve still to meet Stacie, I feel good knowing she’s got so many people looking out for her best interests! “Team Stacie” well done.