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Christian Bale & 20th Century Fox presented select scenes (w/ temporary music & unfinished visual effects) from “Exodus: Gods & Kings,” which opens in theaters December.  Bale admitted his knowledge of organized religion was limited at best.  Being an avid researcher, he dove head first into reading up on all types of religious literature.  His ‘Go To’ religious film back in the day was, Charlton Heston in “Ten Commandments”

When director Ridley Scott first told Bale about this project, Christian asked, “Swords & Sandals?” To which Ridley replied, “Yeah, straight up.”  To my surprise, Bale admitted part of his research included watching two classic period comedies, Monty Python’s “Life of Brian,” and Mel Brooks, “History of the World Part 1.”  Do be serious, you have to be aware of humor. Bale needed to gauge what was funny & what wasn’t for Exodus God & Kings. In fact, when things were very heavy on the set, he’d think about those funny movies to lighten the mood.  Those films were used as a guide.  The cast includes: Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, Sir Ben Kingsley, John Tuturro & Aaron Paul.

The footage I saw was outstanding.  The entire theater rumbled as the horse-drawn chariots raced along the desert floor.  It’s all there: The Burning Bush, parting of the Red Sea, 10 plagues terrorizing Egypt, 400 slaves in bondage.  When it’s all said & done, EXODUS will contain over 1,500 visual special effects shots. In Hollywood terms, it’s hard to fathom that this epic was shot in a mere 74 days. This is what movie making is all about & I for one, can’t wait.  Here’s a new trailer & a behind-the-scenes peek at Ridley Scott & his crew.

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VIDEO: New Trailer “The Dark Knight Rises”

All kinds of amazing.  The tone looks sinister.  Best Picture Nominee, count it.

Batman Begins Black Carpet World Premiere

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This was a fun day!

Batman Begins – Black Carpet Premiere
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