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Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Here’s what I’m diggin’ about “Horrible Bosses.”  It’s true to itself.  Do the math. Three guys, one problem: They hate their bosses.  Dale (Charlie Day) is ridden by his horny, dentist horrible boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston). Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) takes lumps from his heir, horrible boss, Bobby (Colin Farrell) & Nick (Jason Bateman) has served eight years jumping hurdles for his hideous, horrible boss, Dave (Kevin Spacey).

When the work place becomes too much to bare, these dimwits decide to take drastic measures.  Things unfold, but the jokes aren’t obvious.  They’re like slithering snakes in the grass, waiting & all of a sudden they strike!  It happened quite a lot. Lots of laughs.

I’m 100% done with supposed comedies that are really funny in the 2-minute trailer. Y’know the ones.  Where you find yourself in the theater gasping for any laugh that wasn’t already shown in the previews.

“Horrible Bosses” delivers good old-fashion fun at the movies.  For me, standout performances came from Kevin Spacey & Jason Sudeikis.  For the record, there’s no Jennifer Aniston topless scene.  Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

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DVD – The Way Back Film Freak Movie Review

Imagine what it would be like to time travel back to 1940. Imagine further a Siberian Prison isolated in the middle of frozen tundra with merciless mother nature keeping you imprisoned.  Such is the harsh setting for, “The Way Back.”  This is what excites me about movie making.  Seeing is believing.  It’s the story of uber human resilience. The cast includes: Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Saoirise Ronan & Jim Sturgess.  The only question that matters is, ‘what are you willing to go through to attain freedom?  Director Peter Weir crafts a snapshot in history with such command & finesse.   And willpower? I thought Bear Grylls was tough on “Man vs. Wild.”  These people were the epitome of toughness.  “The Way Back” takes us on a soul-searching journey inspired by the book, “The Long Walk.”  The terrain is terrifying, from snowstorms to sandstorms & everything in between.  This is a movie not to be missed.

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