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Insidious Film Freak Movie Review

As a four year old kid, there was this song that always freaked me out.  At that time, the artist, Tiny Tim was, at the very least, a musical oddity.  He resembled, an impossible to fathom, a more sinister version of Rock n’ Roll icon, Alice Cooper. Tiny Tim turned up the creepiness strumming his ukulele to administer his  signature song, “Tip Toe Through the Tulips.”  It takes me right back to a feeling of being helpless & scared. This guy was my childhood Freddy Krueger.  It gave me nightmares.  Kudos to James Wan for recognizing the strangest slice of  pop culture music & infusing it into his latest film, “Insidious.”  The is the scariest PG-13 movie since, “The Ring.”

Finally, a horror film cast with good actors.  Everyone at the top of their game, Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne & Lin Shaye, who’s always on point.   “Insidious” tells a story of possession.  A young family confronts trauma as their son lies in a coma.  The “Insidious” video clip here will shed light.

Over the last decade or so, horror movies by & large have remained flat. “Insidious” was done with sheer cleverness.  The musical score taunts & elevates to the point of distress.  The sound design terrorizes.  The plot keeps driving forward.  It’s all right there, everything you want in a scary movie.  As for me, from now on, I’m gonna be suspicious of anybody who goes out of their way to NOT have their picture taken.

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