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30 Minutes Or Less Movie Review

Jesse Eisenberg is Nick.   A guy who hates his job, his boss & probably his life.   What does he do for a living?  He delivers pizzas like a NASCAR Ninja in just 30 Minutes or Less.   Nick’s last delivery is gonna be a doozy.  Two second rate losers (Danny McBride & Nick Swardson) hatch a plan to make quick money.  Instead of robbing a bank themselves, they’ll strap a homemade bomb on a stranger & make him do it.

As you’ve seen in the trailer, once the bomb has been planted on Nick, he seeks help from his best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari).  Armed with only knowledge of 80’s action flicks, these two idiots rob the local bank to the tune of 100,00 bucks.

Two familiar faces are scene stealers with limited screen time. First, the hitman (Michael Peña). Very funny.  Also, from TV’s “Rules of Engagement,” is Bianca Kajlich who plays a local stripper. While dancing on Danny McBride, Bianca goes full blown topless. No special digital effects or enhancements. Man, the one time I want 3D & it’s not even there.

The idea of these two numb nuts getting away with this high profile robbery in Grand Rapids, Michigan is certainly a stretch. You’ll just have to go with it.  It’s a straight up rated R stoner comedy.  If you dug “Pineapple Express,” this is your movie.

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Your Highness, You’re No Princess Bride

I was curious.  Could “Your Highness,” be the period piece comedy,  to make a run at one of my top 5 favorite films of all time,  “The Princess Bride?”  Not. Even. Close.  “Your Highness” always goes for the cheap laugh.  I get it.  I love raunchy rated “R” comedies.  “There’s Something About Mary,” kills me!  “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,”  I am one of the Sorrow Suckers! In those movies, I actually cared about the characters.  Not so much in “Your Highness.”

James Franco & Danny McBride play brothers.  McBride is jealous of his heroic, svelt sibling.  The weird thing here, Franco displays intense physical affection for his own brother.  That’s pretty messed up.  I say, who cares if two men are gay?  But brothers?  I just don’t get it.

Kudos for filming in Northern Ireland.  There’s gorgeous scenery.  On the other hand, it looked like smaller scenes were filmed inside Medieval Times.  British accents are tough.  Natalie Portman pulls hers off perfectly.  McBride & Franco flat out butcher Brit accents.

I love to laugh. Comedies are what we all need.  What you have here is a stoner comedy at its core.  Don’t over think it.  This movie tries to get laughs for all the wrongs reasons.  Hehe, they keep saying the “F” word.  Hehe there’s boobies.  Hehe there’s gay humor.  Hehe there’s a penis.    There’s an uber cringing moment when a horny pot-smoking oracle talks about  sexually abusing James Franco’s character as a child.  The bar has been lowered here.  At the very least, it’s in terrible taste to do child sex abuse jokes.  It’s a cheap shot. There’s too much other stuff to make fun of in this setting.

If you’re looking for a movie with charm, wonderment, sword fights, miracles, heroics, true love…..you’d better rent “The Princess Bride.”

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