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Truth is stranger than fiction. “Pain & Gain” is a true story about 3 dudes with way more brawn than brains. The events unfolded between October 1994 & June 1995. Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) is on course to be a low income personal trainer for the rest of his life. That’s exactly what he doesn’t want.  Then is fate crosses paths with a passionate, inspirational, unorthodox & foul-mouthed self-help guru, Johnny Wu. (Ken Jeong) Daniel lives by Wu’s motto: “If I feel I deserve it, the universe will serve it.” The problem: Lugo thinks he deserves everything at all costs, no matter who gets hurt, no matter what the consequences.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is by all means getting better & better as an actor. Here he plays ex-con, Paul Doyle. A man drawn to his demons.  Rounding out the nefarious trio is Adrian Doorbal. (Anthony Mackie.) Another personal trainer who’s always strapped for cash.  When Daniel recruits these dudes, it’s about one thing: Targeting one rich person & taking everything they own. It’s a very twisted way of achieving The American Dream.

So who’s the unlucky mark? Enter local businessman, Victor Kershaw (Tony Shaloub) He was just at the wrong gym, the wrong time  with the wrong personal trainer. Hey, it happens.  As you’ve seen in the movie’s trailer, Kershaw is about to have his life turned inside out.  Over the course of the film, the criminal masterminds are anything but disciplined.  Just looking at the trio execute their crimes, makes anyone who’s ever watched any of those CSI TV shows think, “Geez, these idiots are dropping a million clues, traces, evidence & traceable steps.”  You watch, there’s gonna be a “Pain & Gain” drinking game. Drink everytime they leave a clue. Get a designated driver. You’ll be doing copious amounts of shots.

NO SPOILERS: I liked the fact the Daniel Lugo ran his operation like Ethan Hunt of “Mission: Impossible.” He was just so awful at it. What’s more amazing, is his team back him on everything, even murder.  You know it’s just a matter of time before these idiots get caught. “Pain & Gain” is a good time at the movies. Follow me on Twitter @leoquinones, Tony Stark does.

Fast Five Film Freak Movie Review

“Fast Five” shifts the summer box office into overdrive.  The gang’s back.  Like clockwork, there’s the scenario of ‘ we’ve got one more job  so we can disappear forever’ kinda thing.   As shown in the widely scene trailer, the movie starts off with amazing cars being stolen from a speeding train in the desert.  The scene was awesome. Not believable, but awesome.  Brian (Paul Walker) & Dom (Vin Diesel) soon find themselves in the hands of Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) Rio’s most powerful criminal.  (SPOILER) I don’t know how they escaped being tied up & surrounded by armed guards, but they did. Hey, it’s a movie.

Brian & Dom assemble a team to get even.  The job? To take out every one of Reyes’ cash houses to the tune of $100 million dollars.  While the plan develops, there’s more heat in the form of zero-body-fat tough guy Federal Agent Luke Hobbs. (Dwayne Johnson)  When the time comes to do this heist, (And you’ve already seen this in the movie trailer) you see Dom & Brian’s cars pulling a huge safe, through the streets of Rio in a full blown squad car pursuit.

This is were the filmmakers not only ask you, but full-on BEG you to suspend your disbelief.  During the 8-10 minute sequence, I started to ask myself, geez, how many innocent people/police officers are being killed in this sequence?  I started counting in my head.  The high speed safe smashes through a crowded cafe. (3 people dead?) Then it crashed through a crowded market.  (I dunno, 5 people at least?) How about the metal cube of death ripping through a crowded sidewalk? (7-8 dead people for sure.)

Let’s talk head on collisions in this sequence, maybe 20-25.  Surely there was loss of life there.  It begs the question, in taking the Bad Guy’s money, how many people have to die so the “Good Guys” get away?  Sure, I’d take a $100million  dollars from any lowlife scumbag, but it would be tough to sleep at night knowing I killed about 50-75 people doing it.

If the show “Mythbusters” needs fodder for their next season finale, the safe-pulling-car-chase in Rio is ripe!  Again, Suspension of Disbelief is key here.  Back inside the theater, action fans were cheering their hearts out.  Fast cars, fast women & the tempting lure of big ill-gotten cash. That will always be the theme of the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies.   Bet your bottom dollar # 6 is on the way, with the return of a beloved character from the series.

“Fast Five” Fans! It’s just like the 80’s license plate frame reads, “Get in, Sit Down, Shut Up & Hold On.”

Rated PG-13

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