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Jeff, Who Lives At Home Movie Review

Jeff (Jason Segel)  is 30-years old and still lives at home.  More specifically, he resides down in his mom’s basement.  When asked to perform a simple task, for Jeff, the universe will one of two things: Stop him cold, or lead him on on the path of his life’s destiny. The movie takes place in just one day.

Jeff’s older brother Pat (Ed Helms) creates this facade of control within his life.  The fact is, Pat’s in way over his head. He’s having a financial meltdown & also suspects with his wife, Linda (Judy Greer) of cheating.  Jeff’s mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon) tolerates her slacker son & dreams of a better life, all while being shackled to her 9 to 5 cubicle.

What drives the story is how Jeff utilizes the universe.  His instincts tell him there are obvious signs. At every sign is a crossroad.  Do I go this way or that way based on the sign? What I liked is, Jeff always takes the non-logical fork in the road, every single time.  This creates a unique path & moves the story forward in a fresh way to a very satisfying payoff.  There’s a very basic rule in movies that I appreciate. All I want is a beginning, a middle and an end.  Here, you get all three.

Kudos to writers and co-directors Mark & Jay Duplass for creating a smart, thought-provoking dramedy.  Jason Segel nails it, as does the rest of the cast.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home opens in limited release March 16th, 2012.  Rated Rabsurdness

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Velvet Red TV – Week of 3.2.12

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I’m having an amazing time working with the team of www.velvetredtv.com.  Check it out.  I’m also giving away a different prize every week.  If you want to win, just register. Good luck!


The Lorax Exec Producers/Writers Ken Dario & Cinco Paul

Saturday 4p PST, tune into KFWB NewsTalk 980 AM Los Angeles for my exclusive interview with the Executive Producers/Writers of “The Lorax,” Cinco Paul & Ken Dario.  These guys has so many interesting stories about the 4-year animation marathon creating this movie.  You’ll also find out how Al Pacino lays down his vocals for the upcoming,  “Despicable Me 2.”

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Project X Movie Review

“Project X” celebrates the lost art of the house party.  Producer, Todd Phillips never holds back.  That’s why he connects with his movies like, “The Hangover” or “Old School.”  This time, you’ve got three high school num-nuts who throw ‘The Gamechanger.”

Thanks to texting, Craigslist & mass emails, people catch word of the party on Dickens Street in a nanosecond.  Along for the ride are two pretty funny security guards & a handful of angry neighbors.  The movie builds towards a “No Way, This Is Crazy” kind of reality.  While a party of this epic scale elevates a kid’s stature in school, y’know he’s going to have to pay a price.

I can’t imagine anyone not having fun seeing this movie.  The dialogue is crude, just riddled with F-Bombs.  There’s underwater nudity when girls jump in for a late night skinny dip.  The music is loud and in your face.  And the house.  The parents house just get Tuh-rashed.  We get to live vicariously through these idiots because they actually threw the house party we never had the balls  to throw.

I don’t know about you, but I need a little “Project X” insanity in my life every once in a while.  Crack some brews, head down to the theater & have a laugh with your friends. (With a designated driver of course!)  Lighten up people. It’s a party.

This movie is rated “R” for every good reason.

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Here’s a Red Band Clip that’s raunchy to say the least.  “Til the break of dawn, yo!”


Act of Valor Movie Review

In terms of films, one day when G.I. Joe grows a pair, he wants to be, “Act of Valor.”  This movie should be required viewing for all Americans.  If you’d like to have a real inkling of how your freedoms are protected, go see “Act of Valor.”  Real NAVY Seals, real-life combat simulations.

Most critics will destroy the acting/dialogue scenes.  That’s what they do.  I took this as much more than a popcorn movie.  This is a living history lesson.  NAVY Seals are not actors.  Daniel Day Lewis, now there’s an actor.  These heroes don’t excel in face-to-face conversations.  They spring to life in the field with warpaint, parachutes & real bullets.

Finally, there’s an action movie where the stakes have never been higher.   Go see this movie!

Act of Valor is Rated R.

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Watch The Film Freak Movie Report 2.15.2012

Leo Quinones gives you the edge on this week’s movie releases. Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy & Chris Pine star in, THIS MEANS WAR. Nic Cage hops back on his demon chopper in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE & Disney’s THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY.





Chronicle Movie Review

Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) is a teenager with real problems.  His father Richard (Mike Kelly) is a real bastard.  He’s just plain mean.  Everything bad in this man’s life is going to be taken out on his son.  In a effort to fight back, Andrew decides to start filming his day-to-day life.   Millions of young people do this everyday on their iPhones, iPads or Flip Cams.  NO SPOILERS HERE

Something happens to Andrew and his cousin, Matt Garetty (Alex Russell)  and a guy he knows from high school, Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan).  As you’ve seen in the Chronicle movie trailer, the trio soon begin having telekinetic ability.   At first, this new talent is only used for practical jokes & insane juggling.

Didn’t Marvel’s Stan Lee write, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these accelerating powers, Andrew would soon be going to the Dark Side.  There’s a steady build the does indeed have a payoff at the end.  There were shots in this film that were so clever and well executed.  This is pure Sci-Fi fun.

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30 Minutes Or Less Movie Review

Jesse Eisenberg is Nick.   A guy who hates his job, his boss & probably his life.   What does he do for a living?  He delivers pizzas like a NASCAR Ninja in just 30 Minutes or Less.   Nick’s last delivery is gonna be a doozy.  Two second rate losers (Danny McBride & Nick Swardson) hatch a plan to make quick money.  Instead of robbing a bank themselves, they’ll strap a homemade bomb on a stranger & make him do it.

As you’ve seen in the trailer, once the bomb has been planted on Nick, he seeks help from his best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari).  Armed with only knowledge of 80’s action flicks, these two idiots rob the local bank to the tune of 100,00 bucks.

Two familiar faces are scene stealers with limited screen time. First, the hitman (Michael Peña). Very funny.  Also, from TV’s “Rules of Engagement,” is Bianca Kajlich who plays a local stripper. While dancing on Danny McBride, Bianca goes full blown topless. No special digital effects or enhancements. Man, the one time I want 3D & it’s not even there.

The idea of these two numb nuts getting away with this high profile robbery in Grand Rapids, Michigan is certainly a stretch. You’ll just have to go with it.  It’s a straight up rated R stoner comedy.  If you dug “Pineapple Express,” this is your movie.

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The Help Movie Review

“The Help” is a New York Times Best Seller written by Kathryn Stockett.   The story takes place in Jackson Mississippi during the late 50’s to the early 60’s.   I love period pieces that transport me back to any point in time.  Books & the internet are all fine & good, but a well-acted movie tends to resonate with me on a higher level. I need to see it.

The Help wouldn’t take anyone back if the acting wasn’t on point.  The cast was perfect.  The movie shines a big bright spotlight on what it must’ve been like as an African American maid raising & caring for well-to-do white children.  Abileen (Viola Davis) is the emotional anchor & you are pulling for her every singe second she’s on the screen.  Minny (Octavia Spencer) is so magnificent & sassy & quite the baker using the most creative spices.

Back to the employers. I’ve seen the Freddy Kruegers, the vicious aliens & the Michael Myers.  I will tell you now, there’s nothing more evil than a group of uppity white women from the south with hate in their hearts.  It will chill you to the bone.  Bryce Dallas Howard turns in an amazing performance as manipulative & bigoted Hilly Holbrook.  Finally there’s Skeeter. (Emma Stone) She’s a pistol with something to say & a way to say it.  Instead of hunkering down to raise a family, she’s graduated from college & looking to make a difference any way, any how.  Skeeter’s got her head on right. Y’see Skeeter was raised by an African American maid Constantine. (Cicely Tyson)

At the time, racial tensions were escalated to the point of critical mass.   This story angles in on domestic issues not widely publicized.  Case in point, African American maids were discouraged, if not straight out prohibited to use a white family’s toilet.  They were built crude outhouses. The reason was because white families thought they were protecting their children.  The real reason: Insanity. Prejudice. Ignorance.

No one really knew of such cruelty. That is until Skeeter got it in her mind to interview the maids about the plight of their lives.   Met with fear & resistance, the maids ultimately banded together as a group of courageous ghost writers telling their stories.  The stories range from young to old, funny to heartbreaking.

I enjoyed seeing The Help. It shows just how far we’ve come as a nation. Sadly, it also shows how little we’ve come as a nation.  People out there who used to say, ‘you can’t use the white people’s toilet!’  It’s hard to imagine there are people out there today saying, ‘You can’t use our White House.’  The ugly face of racism is crippling America & it saddens me.  Get over the hate people & let’s move forward.

I’m not sorry about getting into a sticky subject.  The Help is a movie that opens up a festering wound.  If someone you know slags off this film as something, ‘We’ve all seen before,’ ‘been there, done that.’  Y’might wanna take a look closer at that person.  What are their reasons for avoiding this movie?  If that’s the case, do yourself & them a favor, take them to see this movie. Couldn’t hurt right?

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The Change Up Movie Review

With all that’s going on in the world today, why not laugh it up!?!  The Change Up is that movie.  The premise is a retread. Two people switching bodies.  I know lots of people are overly critical.  If they had things their way, there would be no more Cop movies, buddy movies, romantic comedies, westerns, etc. It’s been done before. I say, so what!

Ryan Reynolds plays a slacker named Mitch.  A bachelor who engages in sex, lots of it.  Mitch likes it weird & he likes it often.  His post 2am booty calls are just the most vicious passion clashes imaginable. Basically, he’s a stoner with a boner.  His married buddy Dave (Jason Bateman) is just that: Married.  He’s a workaholic lawyer who’s got a wife & three young kids.  The youngest two need to get fed & changed in the middle of the night.  These daddy/kiddie exchanges are worth the price of admission alone.

One night, the guys hit a local bar & relive glory days with a few too many shots. While relieving themselves in a fountain, they blurt out, “I wish I had your life.”  Voila!  The next day, the pair have permeated each other’s body.   Mitch, in Dave’s body becomes a responsible lawyer & Diaper Guy in the middle of the night.  Friggin’ hilarious.

Dave is now sporting Mitch’s body.  Instead of changing diapers in the middle of the night, he’ll most likely be changing condoms.  Yeohhhh! You won’t believe Mitch’s day job & what Dave has to do to keep his boss happy. No spoilers here. Dave’s legal assistant, Sabrina (Olivia Wilde) adds a real layer of sexiness.  As shown in the trailer, she goes out with Mitch’s exterior, but it’s Dave on the inside.  Y’see Dave, always admired Sabrina, in a “You’re-so-scorching-hot-keep-I’m-gonna-keep-my-distance-because-I’m-married” kinda way.

The Change Up is the perfect movie to disconnect & enjoy.  Is it Midnight In Paris?  Not by a longshot & it doesn’t want to be.  I thought Midnight In Paris was terrific.  But, so is this. It’s a sometimes childish, always raunchy Rated R comedy that doesn’t apologize for what it is.  Loosen your tie, drink an ice coldy & laugh it up. It’s just a movie.

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