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Larry Crowne Movie Review

Tom Hanks wore a ton of hats for his latest movie, “Larry Crowne.”  He wrote, produced, directed & Tweeted almost every day updates from the film’s production.  This is a story about a guy who spent 20 plus years defending America in the Navy.  He then becomes a victim. A victim of the recession.  His U-Mart job gets liquidated, the clincher: Larry Crowne never went to college.   Now he’s headed back to school.

It’s there where he tries to regain his footing on life in general.  He meets the feisty yet friendly leader of a neighborhood Scooter Gang, Talia  (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Oh & the teacher, Miss Tainot (Julia Roberts) As you already know, Larry Crowne has aspirations of being his teacher’s pet.  Take that any way you’d like.  The movie pushes through different journeys, and you ultimately do end up caring about thesecharacters.

At the end of the day, Larry Crowne is a sweet movie, that takes it’s time ramping up.  Movie critics are so cynical.  They’re out to destroy good ol’ Larry.  Here’s my take.  This isn’t Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts best movie.  So if you’ve grown tired of animated cars, green lanterns, autobots & bad teachers, Larry Crowne offers up something upbeat.

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