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VIDEO: Velvet Red TV Episode March 16th, 2012

In this week’s episode of Velvet Red TV, we cover “21 Jump Street,” & take you to the Velvet Red Carpet Premiere of, “Jeff, Who Lives At Home.”  Also, enter to win the Weekly giveaway & find out what’s hot in fashion.  Hosted by Ellen K., Kinga Philipps & Leo Quinones.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home Movie Review

Jeff (Jason Segel)  is 30-years old and still lives at home.  More specifically, he resides down in his mom’s basement.  When asked to perform a simple task, for Jeff, the universe will one of two things: Stop him cold, or lead him on on the path of his life’s destiny. The movie takes place in just one day.

Jeff’s older brother Pat (Ed Helms) creates this facade of control within his life.  The fact is, Pat’s in way over his head. He’s having a financial meltdown & also suspects with his wife, Linda (Judy Greer) of cheating.  Jeff’s mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon) tolerates her slacker son & dreams of a better life, all while being shackled to her 9 to 5 cubicle.

What drives the story is how Jeff utilizes the universe.  His instincts tell him there are obvious signs. At every sign is a crossroad.  Do I go this way or that way based on the sign? What I liked is, Jeff always takes the non-logical fork in the road, every single time.  This creates a unique path & moves the story forward in a fresh way to a very satisfying payoff.  There’s a very basic rule in movies that I appreciate. All I want is a beginning, a middle and an end.  Here, you get all three.

Kudos to writers and co-directors Mark & Jay Duplass for creating a smart, thought-provoking dramedy.  Jason Segel nails it, as does the rest of the cast.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home opens in limited release March 16th, 2012.  Rated Rabsurdness

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