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X-Men: Days of Future Past Scene @ End of Spidey 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2 ends with this clip of ‘X-Men of Future Past.’ Follow me on Twitter @MovieInterview


Film Freak Movie Talk Show Podcast 3.24.12

The Hunger Games Podcast: One of the most anticipated movies of the year, has arrived and The Film Freak Movie Talk Show talks to the stars of “The Hunger Games”. @leoquinones talks to Jennifer Lawrence, Lenny Kravitz, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and of course director Gary Ross! Follow @leoquinones on Twitter and learn more about everything at the movies!!

X Men: First Class Movie Review

Hollywood has found a way to re-use popular characters: Origin stories.  Starting with Spiderman, then Batman Begins, Thor, The Green Lantern, next year’s Superman: The Man of Steel and coming to a theater near you in July, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Now is as good a time as ever to tip the cap to Marvel Mastermind, Stan Lee.  His imagination was a stunning 1/2 century ahead of the world.  These comic book characters were created back in the 1960’s.  It has to be rewarding that his passion for larger than life, yet flawed mutant characters would get their due from top filmmakers in 2011.

The swingin’ 60’s is the perfect era to have Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meet his telepathic brethren, Erik Lehnsherr. (Michael Fassbender) These two talented actors anchor the film in reality.  Their emotional impact makes all the mutations, skirmishes & special effects much more believable.

X Men: First Class is set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962.   What an amazing fragile  time in the world’s history: The Cold War. Kudos to Bryan Singer & Sheldon Turner for writing a story which integrates Charles & Erik teaming up with the ever steady leadership of  John F. Kennedy, to save the world from Nuclear War. (That’s in the movie trailer) NO SPOILERS HERE.

Now, let’s get to the heavy.  Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Shaw.  All I know about Kevin Bacon is this:  He’s so amazingly on-point with every role he inhabits, and the thing is, he makes it look completely effortless.   January Jones does a fine job as Emma Frost.  Rose Byrne’s having an amazing year playing CIA agent Moira MacTaggert.  This spring, Rose starred in Writer/Director James Wan’s uber clever horror flick, “Insidious,” & she also gave us the best laughs of the summer as one of the “Bridesmaids.”  (Bridesmaids was way funnier than “The Hangover 2. Yeah, I said it!) She’s going to X-plode in popularity.

X Men: First Class gives the audience a clearer understanding. Questions will be answered.  How did they band together? Why did Erik & Charles venture on separate paths?  Why is Charles confined to a wheelchair?  Who actually created Magneto’s helmet?  I applaud the filmmakers for releasing X Men: First Class in 2D.  It’s fine. Looks great. No Gimmicks.  I’d rather have story, story & more story than 3D.  X Men Marks the Spot!  Don’t miss it!

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The Beaver Film Freak Movie Review

Let me throw you a warning. “The Beaver”  isn’t a comedy by any means.  If you’re lookin’ for laughs, this is not your movie.  Considering other May movie releases, “The Beaver” seems an out-of-place, Oscar-worthy, adult movie.  It’s a textbook example of  what the movie studios call, counter-programming.
Walter Black (Mel Gibson) is on a downward spiral.  He’s not getting better. In fact, he’s done.  Checked out.  Finished.  Then he finds a discarded beaver puppet in a trash bin.  A voice erupts from the flea-bitten furry toy with a heavy Aussie accent.  It’s probably the same accent Mel Gibson would have used if he’d never left Sydney Australia as a teenager.
The Beaver becomes the life coach.  Things turn around and Walter begins to thrive.  Meredith Black (Jodie Foster) is willing to humor Walter’s toothy pal.   She’s in to do whatever it takes to get her husband back into the game of life.  The fantasy therapy flat out mortifies the couple’s teenage son, Porter. (Anton Yelchin)
Success is a double-edged sword.  Action/reaction.  As Walter transforms his toy company & becomes an eclectic celebrity.  The charade grows darker & darker.  You’ll ask yourself, ‘how far is he gonna take this with the puppet.’
For that, you’ll have to wait & see for yourself.  “The Beaver” is the truest of dramas & Mel gave it his all.   Jodie Foster directed a fine film.  The question: Will Gibson’s brutal reality baggage result in tumbleweeds at the Box Office?
“The Beaver” opens in limited release May 6th, 2011.  Opening wide May 20th, 2011.s
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