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That Which I Love Destroys Me – FREE Movie Download

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What better way to celebrate Memorial Day, than a FREE documentary called, That Which I Love Destroys Me.  It’s a searing documentary about our brave Vets re-integrating into a normal life back home.  Unfortunately, too many of our Vets are suffering & losing stressful battles with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now through Memorial Day, you can download the film, directed by Ric Roman Waugh, for FREE please share this link with everyone!!

Awareness is key & if you really want to help our Vets, gain the knowledge & watch/share this film. What a nice Memorial Day thought: if everyone sent this link to 10 friends–that’s what it’s all about. WATCH the movie by following this link, http://www.takepart.com/return-the-service/twildm.  For more info on how to get involved or donate, head over to www.justiceforvets.org



Interview w/ Justice For Vets Senior Director: Melissa Fitzgerald

What an honor to speak with Melissa Fitzgerald.  This talented actor/activist has taken on a new leadership role so she can give back to the veterans who’ve fought for our freedom.  Take a moment to learn about Justice For Vets.  Just go to http://www.justiceforvets.org/

Here’s what’s at stake.  Many soldiers have served multiple tours of duty in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and find when they come home, they face an unexpected, silent war: a daily struggle to fit back into a normal lifestyle or civilian life.

The statistics are angering & sad.  Every single day 22 of our brave veterans are committing suicide.  Many are self medicating with alcohol & drugs often to deal with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Time and again, this downward spiral leads to legal troubles.  And that’s where Justice For Vets comes in, to bring both honor and accountability to these Americans.  The structure provided in the growing number of Veteran Treatment Courts works to help rebuild the lives of our veterans as well as save taxpayer money.

Again, speaking with Melissa was a game changer. Please reach out to her via the Justice For Vets website for a much-needed donation.  The time is now to fight for the Americans who’ve fought for you! To make a donation or to get involved go to http://www.justiceforvets.org/


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