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Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love. had a nice movie trailer.  It showed a story of Steve Carell’s character going through tough times with Julianne Moore’s character.  There was another layer in the trailer with Emma Stone’s character getting together with Ryan Gosling’s character.  After seeing this ‘nice’ trailer, I swore to myself, I know this movie. I’ve already seen this movie.

The reality is:  This nice trailer did not do the movie justice at all.  I’m watching the movie thinking to myself, this has twists & unpredictability. After almost three decades of marriage, Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) are just about done as a couple.  While trying to numb himself with booze, Cal meets & befriends Jakob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) a slick swordsmen who snares a smokin’ hot chick every night.

Cal undergoes a Manly Man Makeover & his confidence is boosted.  Across town, Hannah (Emma Stone) is having her own love troubles with her boyfriend Richard (Josh Groban).

There were standout performances from Jonah Bobo as their love-struck 14-year old son. Also, a convincing performance by Analeigh Tipton as the babysitter.  Kevin Bacon & Marisa Tomei are always good in supporting roles.

I’m going to predict: Crazy, Stupid, Love. will garner a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Comedy or Musical category.

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Cowboys and Aliens Movie Review

Director, Jon Favreau took on the toughest job of the summer: Mashing Up two distinct movie genres into one film.  The Old West collides with Alien Invaders.  This was one ride I was ready to take.  For the most part, I was  satisfied with the experience.

One thing that bugged me:  I believe, when the film’s first attached star, Robert Downey Jr. backed out, the casting of Daniel Craig wouldn’t be on my short list of replacement actors.  Daniel Craig simply does not look like a cowboy, (again, my own opinion).  He’s got the cropped haircut & instead of having a little extra padding from eating pork & beans over a open campfire, the guy looks like he spendt endless hours working out on his newfangled P90X machine.

What I liked was the underdog theme.  The humans were clearly on the way out.  The aliens dominated & toyed with the earthlings.  The unique situation forced the cowboys to create an unlikely alliance with the Native Americans. In 1875, the hostilities between the two were unprecedented.   Cynics will tear this movie apart.

Speaking for myself & the sold out midnight crowd, it was simply a fun movie watch.  Go & geek out.  But remember, if you’re gonna go there, try to really go there.  This is what movies are all about, taking us to a place we’ve never been.

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Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Review

Steve Rogers is just a scrawny kid from Brooklyn.  His passion isn’t unique.  Like many brave men at the time, he wanted to serve his country by crushing Hitler & the Nazis.  This premise sets in motion the 70 year history of arguably the most famous Marvel Comics superhero, Captain America.

The muscle makeover makes the movie.  The special effects used to create the anemic Chris Evans were incredible.  His hair was even thinner.  I like the skinny Steve Rogers.  He never takes no for an answer. He never backs down from a fight, even though everyone else is twice his size.  More that that, he’s a good man with heart, tons of it.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” exemplifies the American Dream.  If you try at something long enough, someday you’ll get your day in the sun. That and the help of a military top secret, never-been-tested, state-of-the-art molecular-altering human weaponizer machine.  Hey, it’s a movie.  Here’s what you do genius:  Go with the flow.  It’s called, suspension of disbelief.  This is not ‘The Rabbit Hole.’  It’s Captain Frikkin’ America!

Hugo Weaving was perfect as Johann Schmidt AKA Red Skull . Some will cry out that this is simplistic U.S. Rah Rah.  Point taken.  For me, I thought it was solid summertime entertainment at the movies.

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Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Here’s what I’m diggin’ about “Horrible Bosses.”  It’s true to itself.  Do the math. Three guys, one problem: They hate their bosses.  Dale (Charlie Day) is ridden by his horny, dentist horrible boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston). Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) takes lumps from his heir, horrible boss, Bobby (Colin Farrell) & Nick (Jason Bateman) has served eight years jumping hurdles for his hideous, horrible boss, Dave (Kevin Spacey).

When the work place becomes too much to bare, these dimwits decide to take drastic measures.  Things unfold, but the jokes aren’t obvious.  They’re like slithering snakes in the grass, waiting & all of a sudden they strike!  It happened quite a lot. Lots of laughs.

I’m 100% done with supposed comedies that are really funny in the 2-minute trailer. Y’know the ones.  Where you find yourself in the theater gasping for any laugh that wasn’t already shown in the previews.

“Horrible Bosses” delivers good old-fashion fun at the movies.  For me, standout performances came from Kevin Spacey & Jason Sudeikis.  For the record, there’s no Jennifer Aniston topless scene.  Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

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Larry Crowne Movie Review

Tom Hanks wore a ton of hats for his latest movie, “Larry Crowne.”  He wrote, produced, directed & Tweeted almost every day updates from the film’s production.  This is a story about a guy who spent 20 plus years defending America in the Navy.  He then becomes a victim. A victim of the recession.  His U-Mart job gets liquidated, the clincher: Larry Crowne never went to college.   Now he’s headed back to school.

It’s there where he tries to regain his footing on life in general.  He meets the feisty yet friendly leader of a neighborhood Scooter Gang, Talia  (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Oh & the teacher, Miss Tainot (Julia Roberts) As you already know, Larry Crowne has aspirations of being his teacher’s pet.  Take that any way you’d like.  The movie pushes through different journeys, and you ultimately do end up caring about thesecharacters.

At the end of the day, Larry Crowne is a sweet movie, that takes it’s time ramping up.  Movie critics are so cynical.  They’re out to destroy good ol’ Larry.  Here’s my take.  This isn’t Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts best movie.  So if you’ve grown tired of animated cars, green lanterns, autobots & bad teachers, Larry Crowne offers up something upbeat.

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Movie Review

Transformers are such a force in today’s movie market.  Movie Critics can trash these movies all they want.  It just doesn’t matter.  The last Michael Bay Transformers flick, “Revenge of the Fallen” grossed over 400,ooo,ooo dollars in North America alone.  In the 3rd go round, Sam Witwicky, (Shia LaBeouf) has a new squeeze, Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)  I know why Sam can’t keep a steady girl. Instead of putting her in a secure basement, where she might be safe from evil alien robots, he drags her by the hand into the mechanical jaws of death over & over.  I guess some chicks like that from their men.

CAUTION: THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS SPOILERS.  SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID, THANKS. As you’ve seen in the trailer, this story originates on the lunar surface of the moon.  The government has covered up the existence of Cybertronian spacecraft since the Apollo 11 mission.  In on the secret were just 35 people. This included iconic astronauts Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin.  The story also offers a twist on history concerning the Russian nuclear meltdown disaster at Chernobyl.

Transformers is the epitome of a really fun summer popcorn movie.  Unless you don’t mind paying an extra four dollars at the box office, I’d still suggest seeing Dark of the Moon in 2D.  My reasoning, the very first Transformer film was presented in 2D & it’s still the best one of the series.  At the end of the day, they’re just movies folks.  Try not to over think it.  It’s Autobots vs. Decepticons. What’s complicated about that?

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Bad Teacher Movie Review

Everybody has jumped onto the Rated “R” raunchy comedy bandwagon.  I love “R” Rated comedies, but only when they’re funny.  “Bad Teacher” may have been a brilliant idea when it was pitched, but the script, story & execution were just not there.   The character Cameron Diaz plays really isn’t likable.   I mean who really wants to root for the ultimate Golddigger?   All she wants to is kick back, on her back & have her meal ticket spend lots of money on her.  The second banana, Lucy Punch was trying way too hard to be funny, but it really fell way short of laughter.

The students were basically in the background with no real part for any kid to stand out.  I’m racking my brain trying to find something good to say about this film.  Nah, nothing comes to mind.  This movie reminded me of those endless classes, waiting for this movie to end is much like waiting for the dreaded school bell to ring.  C’mon ring already!

Cars 2 Movie Review

Make sure you arrive early to see “Cars 2”.  You just can’t miss the “Toy Story” gang in an all new short called,  “Hawaiian Vacation.”   Woody, Buzz & company are arguably Pixar’s most beloved characters and the studio has done an amazing job of continuing their adventures.

Movie critics are so slimy.  They’re trashing “Cars 2.”  I absolutely do not agree.  I’m watching this movie thinking, this movie is better than the original.  The story weaves in themes like, mechanical sabotage, international espionage & most importantly, sticking by your friends while not trying to change them .  Sir Michael Caine has the perfect voice as Finn McMissile, a slick 007-type British agent car.   Mater (Larry, The Cable Guy) has a much bigger role this time around.

There’s yet another terrific message targeted specifically to young people.  Director John Lassiter is sticking his neck out, really far.  The villain in “Cars 2” isn’t an evil hot rod, or a ill-tempered tractor. No way. The Bad Guy here is BIG OIL.  That’s right.  At its core, this movie is about implementing an eco-friendly biofuel called, ALLINALL as an alternative to fossil fuel.  It’s all about saving planet Earth.   This movie will inspire millions of young people to rethink energy & seek a new path.  For that reason, plus the fact that it’s a solid movie, I’d say “Cars 2” is a must see.  You can save money by seeing it in 2D.  It’ll be every bit as good.

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The Green Lantern Movie Review

The Green Lantern is a staple in the DC Comics Universe.  If you’re not a fanboy, then The Green Lantern isn’t even on your radar. Case in point, the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds had to brush up on over 60 years of Green Lantern adventures.  Like “Iron Man’s” Robert Downey Jr. once stated, “It’s time to get out your superhero Yah Yahs.”

Reynolds is the obvious choice to play Top Gun Style Aviator Pilot, Hal Jordan AKA. The Green Lantern.  Cutting through clutter, I thought the movie was just, OK.  I was looking for something original.  I should have known better.  To me, just about every scenario seemed played out like I’d already seen it somewhere before.

There was so much computer-generated imagery, it absolutely smothered the film.   Question: Why is it, alien life forms so often speak with a British accent?  Now that’s bizarre.  Blake Lively plays Hal’s girl, Carol Ferris.  We will most like see her transform into Star Sapphire in the sequel. Peter Sarsgaard, a solid actor, added a nice dimension as the bad guy, Hector Hammond. But it was so strange seeing Tim Robbins playing his father, Senator Hammond.  Their respective ages are a mere 13 years apart.  Robbins was too young to play his dad or Sarsgaard was too old to play his son.  I was fighting with that casting decision the whole movie.

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Mr. Popper’s Penguins Movie Review

Can Jim Carrey crack the world up flanked by a bunch of real & computer generated penguins?  I’d say the answer is not really, but it’s still worth checking out.  Jim Carrey at one time was the ‘Go To’ funnyman with yuck-it-up hits like ‘The Mask,’ ‘Dumb & Dumber’ & of course, “Ace Ventura.’   In “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,’ we get glimpses of Carrey’s signature humor.  I did laugh a few times, but it’s not hilarious by any means.  In this case, that’s OK with me.

From my seat, ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ isn’t supposed to be anything like those movies I just mentioned.  This one is a straight forward, warm – fuzzy family movie.  The book, “Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ was originally published back in 1938.  Since then, it has never waned in popularity.  It’s a staple at elementary schools to this day.

At the heart of it, this is a father/son story.  Carrey plays Tom Popper, a divorced overachiever who is all about becoming a partner at his law firm.  He actually reminds me of the lawyer he played in ‘Liar, Liar’ Fletcher Reid.  In his pursuit of success, Popper loses sight of what’s really important: his family.

Popper’s Pop leaves this world with a parting gift to his son.  A special delivery:  Six Gentoo Penguins.  They wreak havoc with his career while steering him back on the right track: Making amends with his family.  Behind the scenes, the penguins were so very well taken care of on set.  The temperature was kept at a chilly 36 degrees.  You think movie stars are spoiled with their huge trailers? These penguins were treated right. A special living habitat was created to ensure proper space, a swimming pool & even a training area.  This facility was monitored 24/7 during the 11-week New York City shoot.

It was very nice to see Angela Lansbury in a supporting role.  She did the movie for 2 reasons: (1) She’s a great admirer of Jim Carrey’s work.  (2) She loves working on projects that kids will enjoy.  One thing I will say, Jim Carrey is no dummy.  He let the penguins have the starring role.  It’s impossible to upstage Captain, Loudy, Stinky, Lovey, Bitey & Nimrod. Why would anybody even try?

‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ is solid family fare.  That alone is a rare thing these days.

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