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Interview: Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio Writers of Despicable Me 2

Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio are the writing engine the drives animated movies like, “Despicable Me,” “Horton Hears A Who,” “The Lorax” & now “Despicable Me 2.” They’re two guys who love what they do. The movie is funny. I sat in a theater full of kids &they cracked up the entire time.  By the way, The Minions are coming & they are getting there own movie.  You’ll find out all you need to know about the world of ‘Despicable Me’ right here.  I hope you enjoy the interview. Just like Gru, you can Follow me on Twitter @leoquinones. NO MINIONS WERE HARMED DURING THE COURSE OF THIS INTERVIEW!

Bridesmaids Movie Review

The “Bridesmaids” chicks have serious intentions of knocking off  “The Hangover 2” boys for the funniest summer movie.  If this is to happen, the Hangover sequel had better be really damn funny.  If you liked movies like, “There’s Something About Mary,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” & “Superbad,” you’re good to go with “Bridesmaids.”  This ain’t for the faint of heart.  It’s Rated “R” for raunchy.   Kristen Wiig, co-writer, really ups her game as one of Hollywood’s funniest females.   She’s not afraid to look less than glamorous on the big screen & look like an ass.  That’s what comedy is.

I love awkward toasts.  The idea of a drunkard rambling in front of a mixed crowd always makes me laugh.  I immediately think of  Luke Wilson in “Old School,” you know the one.  The toast in “Bridesmaids” is just classic!  Also, amongst all the crazy hijinks in a comedy like this, there’s also really good acting mixed into the movie.

If you read the title, you already know what this movie is about.  Do yourself a favor:  Be on time!  I just wanna make sure you don’t miss the first 3 minutes.

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