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Cars 2 Movie Review

Make sure you arrive early to see “Cars 2”.  You just can’t miss the “Toy Story” gang in an all new short called,  “Hawaiian Vacation.”   Woody, Buzz & company are arguably Pixar’s most beloved characters and the studio has done an amazing job of continuing their adventures.

Movie critics are so slimy.  They’re trashing “Cars 2.”  I absolutely do not agree.  I’m watching this movie thinking, this movie is better than the original.  The story weaves in themes like, mechanical sabotage, international espionage & most importantly, sticking by your friends while not trying to change them .  Sir Michael Caine has the perfect voice as Finn McMissile, a slick 007-type British agent car.   Mater (Larry, The Cable Guy) has a much bigger role this time around.

There’s yet another terrific message targeted specifically to young people.  Director John Lassiter is sticking his neck out, really far.  The villain in “Cars 2” isn’t an evil hot rod, or a ill-tempered tractor. No way. The Bad Guy here is BIG OIL.  That’s right.  At its core, this movie is about implementing an eco-friendly biofuel called, ALLINALL as an alternative to fossil fuel.  It’s all about saving planet Earth.   This movie will inspire millions of young people to rethink energy & seek a new path.  For that reason, plus the fact that it’s a solid movie, I’d say “Cars 2” is a must see.  You can save money by seeing it in 2D.  It’ll be every bit as good.

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“Toy Story 3″ Director LEE UNKRICH interview w/ Leo Quinones

Woody & Buzz are bustin’ out of Sunnyside Day Care & headed straight to the Oscars! “Toy Story 3” is a lock to win Best Animated Feature.  I invite you inside the world of Pixar as I talk with director LEE UNRICH about, the many layers of this amazing film.  You’ll find out: Who’s really supplying the voice of Mattel’s  Woody, The Cowboy Doll?  Hint: It’s NOT Tom Hanks!! Will there be a “Toy Story 4?” I hope you enjoy this in-depth, exclusive interview.  Thanks for listening, Leo

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