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Project X Movie Review

“Project X” celebrates the lost art of the house party.  Producer, Todd Phillips never holds back.  That’s why he connects with his movies like, “The Hangover” or “Old School.”  This time, you’ve got three high school num-nuts who throw ‘The Gamechanger.”

Thanks to texting, Craigslist & mass emails, people catch word of the party on Dickens Street in a nanosecond.  Along for the ride are two pretty funny security guards & a handful of angry neighbors.  The movie builds towards a “No Way, This Is Crazy” kind of reality.  While a party of this epic scale elevates a kid’s stature in school, y’know he’s going to have to pay a price.

I can’t imagine anyone not having fun seeing this movie.  The dialogue is crude, just riddled with F-Bombs.  There’s underwater nudity when girls jump in for a late night skinny dip.  The music is loud and in your face.  And the house.  The parents house just get Tuh-rashed.  We get to live vicariously through these idiots because they actually threw the house party we never had the balls  to throw.

I don’t know about you, but I need a little “Project X” insanity in my life every once in a while.  Crack some brews, head down to the theater & have a laugh with your friends. (With a designated driver of course!)  Lighten up people. It’s a party.

This movie is rated “R” for every good reason.

I’m thinking about throwing a party this epic, so you should follow me on Twitter to find out when & where @leoquinones

Here’s a Red Band Clip that’s raunchy to say the least.  “Til the break of dawn, yo!”


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