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The Lorax Movie Review

The Lorax is an affirmation that Hollywood’s feature film animation is getting better, smarter & more wondrous.  I really enjoyed the movie.  The world takes the soul of the much-loved Dr. Seuss book & transform wonderfully onto the big screen.  The Lorax is a magical, beared creature tasked with protecting the trees of the forest.  What an amazing message, written way back in 1971.

This is perfect family fare.  Though there are a couple of songs in the film, this is by no way a full-blown musical.  As a matter of fact, Ted (Zac Efron) & Audrey (Taylor Swift) who are both talented singers, do NOT sing a note in The Lorax.   You will hear The Once-ler (Ed Helms) singing & playing guitar.

The heart of this story is a simple choice:  Do we protect trees or bulldoze them?  That’s the movie folks.  There are some attacking the film stating it’s indoctrinating young people to think a certain way.  It’s sad when 70-year old geezers get “preachy.”  I could possibly agree with them if the movie was about starting a nuclear war, but it’s not. It’s about saving trees. What is so wrong with that?

The animation here  is top-notch.  Cinco Paul & Ken Dario are the writing team most trusted by Dr. Seuss’ spirited widow, Audrey Geisel.  She’s in love with this movie version of The Lorax.  I must admit, I am too.  This is a perfect family film. The Lorax is Rated PG

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If you’d like to try your hand at animating The Lorax, check out this “How To Draw The Lorax” video below.  Good luck!


Big Miracle Movie Review

24 years ago, three California grey whales were trapped under the ice in Barrow Alaska.  Now, this amazing true story is hitting the big screen aptly titled, “Big Miracle.”  This international rescue effort is based on the 1989 book Freeing the Whales by Tom Rose.

Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore) works for Greenpeace and is the film’s conscience. Adam Carlson (John Krasinski) is an aspiring reporter in Alaska who first broke story about the trapped whales.  When the plight of the whales catches the eyes & hearts of the world, a media blitz ensues. Soon, the sleepy ice town of Barrow Alaska is crawling with 150 of fish-out-of-water reporters and their crews. One of which was L.A.’s own, Jill Jerard (Kristen Bell).

The thing I liked most about Big Miracle is, the filmmakers kept the movie grounded in reality.  Original ‘whale watch’ updates were plentiful.  So who’s reporting the news here, the likes of Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw.  Original rescue footage was also mixed into to newly shot footage.

The effort to saves these California Greys was extraordinary.  The only way to free the whales was to cut individual holes in the thick ice every 50 feet for five miles to the open ocean.  The local Inuit natives were unlikely allies as they are whalers by trade.  Big Oil also supplied cash and resources as well as the American military. Finally, the Russians also joined the fight for the whales freedom & were a key component in the rescue.

At the end of the day, you’ve got a true story told with original news footage & a sound environmental message.  What’s not to like!?!  Big Miracle is good family entertainment.

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