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The Change Up Movie Review

With all that’s going on in the world today, why not laugh it up!?!  The Change Up is that movie.  The premise is a retread. Two people switching bodies.  I know lots of people are overly critical.  If they had things their way, there would be no more Cop movies, buddy movies, romantic comedies, westerns, etc. It’s been done before. I say, so what!

Ryan Reynolds plays a slacker named Mitch.  A bachelor who engages in sex, lots of it.  Mitch likes it weird & he likes it often.  His post 2am booty calls are just the most vicious passion clashes imaginable. Basically, he’s a stoner with a boner.  His married buddy Dave (Jason Bateman) is just that: Married.  He’s a workaholic lawyer who’s got a wife & three young kids.  The youngest two need to get fed & changed in the middle of the night.  These daddy/kiddie exchanges are worth the price of admission alone.

One night, the guys hit a local bar & relive glory days with a few too many shots. While relieving themselves in a fountain, they blurt out, “I wish I had your life.”  Voila!  The next day, the pair have permeated each other’s body.   Mitch, in Dave’s body becomes a responsible lawyer & Diaper Guy in the middle of the night.  Friggin’ hilarious.

Dave is now sporting Mitch’s body.  Instead of changing diapers in the middle of the night, he’ll most likely be changing condoms.  Yeohhhh! You won’t believe Mitch’s day job & what Dave has to do to keep his boss happy. No spoilers here. Dave’s legal assistant, Sabrina (Olivia Wilde) adds a real layer of sexiness.  As shown in the trailer, she goes out with Mitch’s exterior, but it’s Dave on the inside.  Y’see Dave, always admired Sabrina, in a “You’re-so-scorching-hot-keep-I’m-gonna-keep-my-distance-because-I’m-married” kinda way.

The Change Up is the perfect movie to disconnect & enjoy.  Is it Midnight In Paris?  Not by a longshot & it doesn’t want to be.  I thought Midnight In Paris was terrific.  But, so is this. It’s a sometimes childish, always raunchy Rated R comedy that doesn’t apologize for what it is.  Loosen your tie, drink an ice coldy & laugh it up. It’s just a movie.

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The Green Lantern Movie Review

The Green Lantern is a staple in the DC Comics Universe.  If you’re not a fanboy, then The Green Lantern isn’t even on your radar. Case in point, the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds had to brush up on over 60 years of Green Lantern adventures.  Like “Iron Man’s” Robert Downey Jr. once stated, “It’s time to get out your superhero Yah Yahs.”

Reynolds is the obvious choice to play Top Gun Style Aviator Pilot, Hal Jordan AKA. The Green Lantern.  Cutting through clutter, I thought the movie was just, OK.  I was looking for something original.  I should have known better.  To me, just about every scenario seemed played out like I’d already seen it somewhere before.

There was so much computer-generated imagery, it absolutely smothered the film.   Question: Why is it, alien life forms so often speak with a British accent?  Now that’s bizarre.  Blake Lively plays Hal’s girl, Carol Ferris.  We will most like see her transform into Star Sapphire in the sequel. Peter Sarsgaard, a solid actor, added a nice dimension as the bad guy, Hector Hammond. But it was so strange seeing Tim Robbins playing his father, Senator Hammond.  Their respective ages are a mere 13 years apart.  Robbins was too young to play his dad or Sarsgaard was too old to play his son.  I was fighting with that casting decision the whole movie.

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