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EXCLUSIVE: DRIFT INTERVIEW w/ Xavier Samuel & Myles Pollard

Xavier Samuel & Myles Pollard sit down w/ Leo Quinones to talk about getting cut up on coral reefs, the intense pressures of filming on a tight schedule & riding dangerously huge waves in their new movie, “Drift.” Follow on Twitter @leoquinones

Drift interview with Xavier Samuel, Myles Pollard and Leo Quinones from Leo Quinones on Vimeo.


VIDEO: Velvet Red TV Week of March 30th, 2012

Watch this week’s episode of Velvet Red TV.  Ellen K, takes us through the hottest movie & fashion trends.  Also, find out what’s the latest fashion trend.  I’m also giving away $100 Disney Gift Card!  Go ahead, the Mickey shopping fee is courtesy of Velvet Red TV.  Register to win now on www.velvetredtv.com. You can also follow online at @VelvetRedTV

VIDEO: The Film Freak Movie Report 3.30.12

VIDEO: Leo Quinones gets into this week’s releases, “Mirror Morror” & “Wrath of the Titans.”                                                Follow me on Twitter @leoquinones

Man On A Ledge Movie Review

Man On A Ledge is a simple story about sticking it to The Man.  Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) has been kicked off the NYPD and arrested for stealing a $40 million dollar diamond from John Englander (Ed Harris).  This thing is a ROCK let me tell ya.   Cassidy must prove he’s innocent to clear his name.

The action takes us 220 feet in the air at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Manhattan.  He goes out on the ledge. Why?  Jumper?  Psycho?  To get answers, we need a negotiator.  This movie is cast with People Magazine’s Sexiest Negotiators Alive.  Representing the men is Jack Dougherty (Ed Burns) & the women, Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks.)

The cat and mouse game ensues.  What’s really going on here?  All the answers are across the street.  Things are not what they seem.  I thought the film had good pacing. I also appreciate subtle twists & cleverness in heists.     If you’re gonna jump in, jump in with both feet.  This is strictly a formula film and I enjoyed it.

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