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SCREAM 4 Film Freak Movie Review

In my opinion, slasher films are generational.  I dove in with John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” in the early 80’s when I was a teenager. It resonated. 15 years ago, slasher films were so abundant, Scream entered the fray.  It broke down the fourth wall & exposed the rules of slasher films.  It completely captured that generation.

Instead of re-booting this famed horror series, all the original survivors return.  This time, Woodboro’s worst nightmare, Ghostface puts the speed dial on MURDER by marring the tell-all book release of his favorite victim, Sidney Prescott. (Neve Campbell)  The books’ title: “Out of Darkness: A True Story of Survival.”  The newest player in this story is technology.  The characters rely heavily on flashy cell phones, high speed internet connections & real time webcasting.  Plus, there’s tons of blogging & vlogging.

No spoilers here.  I will say, there were things I didn’t like in the film.  Law enforcement officers, David Arquette & Marley Shelton looked so out of place in sheriff uniforms.  There are actors who take their job very seriously in the form of preparation.  They go to police precincts, they do ride-a-longs with cops. Here, I get the feeling Arquette & Shelton were sent to the wardrobe truck, donned a couple of uniforms & simply walked on set.  As officers of the law, they fumble around with zero believability.  Hey, I’m over thinking this.  It’s a Scream movie.

Oh yeah, there’s some really bad acting on the killer’s part.  Wanna know who it is?  Not a chance.  I think the original Scream fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters terrorized yet again.  As for the rest of us, it was just OK.

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