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Interview: Cary Elwes Visits The Film Freak Movie Talk Show

CARY ELWES joins Leo in-studio to talk in-depth about his new indie feature film. “She Loves Me Not.”  Enjoy the interview!  You can also follow Leo on Twitter @leoquinones  Why not?!?  The Dread Pirate Roberts did!

SAW 3D star Cary Elwes & Leo Quinones on the Blood Red Carpet

Cary Elwes is one of my favorite actors. Go back & check out “Glory” with Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick & Denzel Washington.  You can’t get the in any history book.  Cary gave a terrific supporting role in “Liar Liar.”  His version of ‘the Claw” simply paled in comparison to Jim Carrey, as to its intent.  Then there’s “The Princess Bride.” There are two kinds of people in the world.  The ones who love “The Princess Bride,” & the ones who’ve yet to see “The Princess Bride.” It’s in my Top 5 All Time Favorite Movies.  I believe R.O.U.S’ do exist!  Enjoy the interview.

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