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Movie Review: Dark Shadows

As a kid, I barely remember the TV soap opera, “Dark Shadows.”  The eerie theme song is forever seared in my memory.   Tim Burton, Michelle Pfieffer & Johnny Depp were also Children of the Corn-y soap.  Leave it to Tim & Johnny to pick ‘Shadows’ as their vampire vehicle.

I can’t really compare the two, meaning the movie & the TV series.  I did not go back & revisit the old material.  It’s widely known, that, for better or worse, this is now Tim Burton’s vision.  As seen in the trailers, Barnabas Collins is a vampire buried alive for almost 200 years & released in the year 1972.  This juxtaposition is supposed to the springboard for comedy situations.

But I found the film to be much darker than funny.  You know that old saying, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?’   Angelique (Eva Green) plays a servant who loves Barnabas Collins. (Johnny Depp) When the relationship goes south, things are compounded by the fact that she’s a witch.  Hence the evil curse she places, which transforms Barnabas into a vampire, doomed for eternal damnation.  She’s gives him the extended dirt nap too.

That’s the central theme at play here.  This rivalry is the films’ beginning, middle & end. The bulk of the humor stems from the way Barnabas reacts to the tackiness of the times.  Johnny Depp is indeed very interesting to watch on screen.  He’s playing alot of this through his extended fingers & eyes.  His  makeup application was very extreme. A bit too much I’m afraid.

I always like to go over Vampire Rules.  Barnabas casts no reflection in the mirror, (1) Point.  Resistance to silver. (1) point. He seeks darkness, (1) point.  Sunlight sizzles his skin & fingertips, (1) point.  Original coffin brought in for slumber, (1) point.  His ability to walk around in broad daylight, MINUS (5) points!   It’s a bloody wash, folks.

Hardcore fans of the ‘Dark Shadows’ TV show have been left for scrap.  It is what it is.  This is signature Tim Burton: Weird & creepy right down the line.   I liked this world, I just wish there were more laughs.  Either it’s a dark vampire movie or it’s an out-and-out comedy. Tone is so tough.  As you’ll see, it’s just about impossible to combine the two. Dark Shadows is rated PG-13.

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REVIEW: Marvel’s The Avengers *NO SPOILERS*

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Marvel’s The Avengers defies all logic.  Writer/Director JOSS WHEDON gets the credit with bringing his cinematic vision to life.  On top of that, six generations of Marvel Comic Book writers get their day in the sun, as they should.  Here’s the assignment.  Take Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, Black Widow & Hawkeye and put them all together in one film that makes actual sense.  In a covert world, this is called, “The Avengers Initiative.”  I’d say the mission was a complete & utter success.

The reason is layered.  Let’s tear right into it.  Good Storytelling. Formidable Foes.  Good Acting.  Eye-Popping Special Effects.  Just enough back story on each character.  Genuine Excitement. Smart Humor.  Perfect Tone.  If there’s anything wrong with The Avengers, let someone else bring it to the table.  I was just jacked up on adrenaline.  What’s happened here is a movie miracle.

There’s so much riding on a movie like this.  Not for the studio, but for the fans.  When a comic book movie comes out & falls short of hitting the mark, who always gets burned, the fans.   The Avengers gives Fanboys & Fangirls the right to pump their fists & revel in the fact that their beloved Marvel characters were well taken care of by Mr. Whedon.

Go see The Avengers in theaters. If you’re lucky enough to afford paying full freight, go see it in IMAX 3D. You will not be disappointed.  I can’t imagine anyone not liking this film.  This is what movie-going is all about.

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VIDEO: Watch The Film Freak Movie Report Week of 4.25.12

Leo’s in Santa Monica talking about this week’s new movies, “The 5-Year Engagement,” “The Raven” & “Safe.”  If you like, follow me on Twitter @leoquinones

Film Freak Movie Report 4.25.2012 from Leo Quinones on Vimeo.

Velvet Red TV “What’s Hot In Hollywood” Week of 4/20/12

Velvet Red TV presents “What’s Hot in Hollywood” for the week of 4/20/12.  Ellen K. sets up this week’s hottest movies, “Think Like A Man,” “Chimpanzee” & “The Lucky One.”  Kinga Philipps talks fashon.  Finally, I head over to Premiere Props to give YOU a piece of Hollywood!  It’s a blast, so enjoy the show.  Go ahead and follow us on Twitter @leoquinones @VelvetRedTV

Velvet Red TV Week of 4.13.12

In this week’s episode of “What’s Hot In Hollywood,” Ellen K. leads the way with the latest movies, fashion & giveaways!  Leo Quinones sits down with GUY PEARCE & MAGGIE GRACE from the Sci-Fi Action Comedy, LOCKOUT.  KINGA PHILIPPS throws down a sweet fashion report.  Leo then tries to interview Moe, Larry & Curly for THE THREE STOOGES.  Leo also heads to Hollywood to giveaway a $150 Cirque du Soleil VIP Gift Card!  You can follow on Twitter @leoquinones @VelvetRedTV


Film Freak Movie Talk Show Podcast 4.14.12

The Film Freak Movie Talk Show Top 10 Movies at the Box Office.  In the segment, Leo goes one on three with MOE, LARRY & CURLY from THE THREE STOOGES courtesy of Velvet Red TV.  Leo then welcomes the stars of “Lockout,” GUY PEARCE & MAGGIE GRACE  courtesy of Velvet Red TV  MARC SIMON checks in with Leo to talk about UNRAVELED.  Then FAIZON LOVE talks about BUDZ HOUSE.  Finally, Film Freak Movie News on Sin City 2, The Avengers, The Dark Night Rises, Mother Goose: The Movie, TOM HANKS to play WALT DISNEY.  All the details will be revealed.  Follow on Twitter @leoquinones and @velvetredtv

Velvet Red TV Week of April 6, 2012

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Velvet Red TV Week of April 6, 2012.  In this week’s episode Ellen K talks Titanic 3D & American Reunion. Kinga Philipps has a fashion report & I’m on the Santa Monica Boardwalk with Titanic trivia & a chance to win a VIP tour on the Warner Brothers Backlot.   Follow us on Twitter @leoquinones & @VelvetRedTV

VIDEO: Velvet Red TV Week of March 30th, 2012

Watch this week’s episode of Velvet Red TV.  Ellen K, takes us through the hottest movie & fashion trends.  Also, find out what’s the latest fashion trend.  I’m also giving away $100 Disney Gift Card!  Go ahead, the Mickey shopping fee is courtesy of Velvet Red TV.  Register to win now on www.velvetredtv.com. You can also follow online at @VelvetRedTV

VIDEO: Lynn Collins John Carter Interview

Leo Quinones sits down with Lynn Collins of John Carter.  Lynn talks about crazy Martian tattoos, the most uncomfortable dress in the galaxy & what she thinks about life on other planets!

Video: John Carter Director Andrew Stanton Interview

Andrew Stanton is an Oscar Winning director.  He helmed the Pixar animated blockbusters, WALL*E & Finding Nemo.  Here we are sitting in Arizona desert talking about John Carter.

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