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Film Freak Movie Talk Show Podcast 4.6.13

The Story of Luke is an indie film in select theaters now. It’s also available Cable On Demand.  Lou Taylor Pucci & Seth Green star along with Cary Elwes.  Seth & Lou jumped in-studio to chat with Leo Quinones about the making of the film.  Over the course of the interview, you’ll discover how these actors make their choices, how they prepared & they’ll tell you exactly what a director should & shouldn’t do on set.  Also, Seth Green talks about his fondness for the Warner Brothers Studios Backlot.  If you want to have an amazing film experience, you’ve got to take the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour.  For more info, log onto www.wbstudiotour.com. It’s the Official Studio Tour of The Film Freak Movie Talk Show. FILM FREAK TRIVIA In fact, how would you like a chance at winning a family (4) pack of passes to The Warner Brothers VIP Tour?  Just answer this super-easy Film Freak Trivia question.  The late, great Cleavon Little AKA Sheriff Bart rode horseback off the WB Backlot at the very ending of what classic comedy?  I know, easy right?  Email me the correct answer to leo@filmfreak.com. Good luck!

Follow @leoquinones on Twitter. I mean why not? Harvey Dent & Frank ‘The Tank’ Richard do, so why not you? Sorry about the sucky photo. At least Seth & Lou look OK.  Cheers!


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