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The Lone Ranger Movie Review

I had so wanted for this particular movie to transport me back to the Old West. Didn’t happen. How can The Lone Ranger possibly utter the phrase,”Let’s do this”?  In the past 2 years, just about every woman heading into the gym has used that exact same phrase, “Let’s do this” as their pre-workout status update.  What’s next? Tonto finds his way using Google Maps?

Two things I thoroughly enjoyed. One, Director Gore Verbinksi’s exotic shooting locales.   There are some beautiful shots in this movie. Two. The bad guy. Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner). The make-up application was 2 1/2 hours every day of shooting.

My personal take: I know when CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) takes over the screen. These days, most audiences know too.  So why on earth would you saturate it with so much CGI into a movie set in 1869? To make it more exciting? What’s more exciting than just plain Cowboys & Indians?  What’s more exciting than the thunderous roar of running horses?  What’s more exciting than a good old-fashioned Western? It just doesn’t work.  Tonally, this movie was all over the map.  Serious Western? Revenge Film? Buddy Comedy?  The Lone Ranger will work for boys between the ages of 9 and 14. But even then, the film goes on forever at 2 hours 29 minutes.

The Lone Ranger is a runaway train from the beginning. Too bad it’s headed in the wrong direction.  I’m sorry for the bummer news.  I love movies.  Follow me on Twitter @leoquinones.  You can also hear me every Saturday at 4p PST hosting America’s Longest Running Movie Talk Show, The Film Freak Movie Talk Show on KFWB NewsTalk 980 AM Los Angeles. Listen online at www.kfwbam.com

Film Freak Movie Talk Show Podcast 4.6.13

The Story of Luke is an indie film in select theaters now. It’s also available Cable On Demand.  Lou Taylor Pucci & Seth Green star along with Cary Elwes.  Seth & Lou jumped in-studio to chat with Leo Quinones about the making of the film.  Over the course of the interview, you’ll discover how these actors make their choices, how they prepared & they’ll tell you exactly what a director should & shouldn’t do on set.  Also, Seth Green talks about his fondness for the Warner Brothers Studios Backlot.  If you want to have an amazing film experience, you’ve got to take the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour.  For more info, log onto www.wbstudiotour.com. It’s the Official Studio Tour of The Film Freak Movie Talk Show. FILM FREAK TRIVIA In fact, how would you like a chance at winning a family (4) pack of passes to The Warner Brothers VIP Tour?  Just answer this super-easy Film Freak Trivia question.  The late, great Cleavon Little AKA Sheriff Bart rode horseback off the WB Backlot at the very ending of what classic comedy?  I know, easy right?  Email me the correct answer to leo@filmfreak.com. Good luck!

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